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T-shirts for Girls by Jockey

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Looking for girls’ fashion that can be worn all day, every day? T-shirts for girls are versatile, comfortable and can be paired with any lowers, making it the top apparel in girls’ clothing. T-shirts for girls is a right mix of style, fashion and comfort, making it the go to wear in kids’ fashion.

Jockey’s t-shirts for girls is made with fabric that elucidates comfort and confidence, with vibrant colours for your girl’s daily fashionable needs and trendy prints to match your girl’s style.Jockey offers half and long sleeved t-shirts for you to choose from. Designed for comfort and confidence, you would definitely want to get your hands on our collection of girls’ t-shirts.

Fabric Used

Super Combed Cotton: The process of combing the cotton fabric gets rid of shorter fibres and impurities making it compact, finer and stronger. Combing once makes it ‘Combed Cotton’ and twice makes it ‘Super Combed Cotton’.

Cotton Elastane Stretch / Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fibre with exceptional elasticity (stretch). Blending this fibre with cotton makes the fabric stretch and revert to its original form (very similar to a rubber band). This provides the product with grip to hold on to the body while remaining extremely comfortable. Lycra is a brand of Elastane Stretch fabric.

Cotton Rich: Is a fabric which is a blend of primarily cotton and a small component of elastane or polyester. The secondary component provides stability to the garment making it durable.

Modal / Micro Modal: Modal is a premium cellulosic fibre made out of beech tree. Modal fibre is strong, resilient, and has minimal shrinkage. It keeps colour bright and has silky hand feel. Micro Modal is finer form of Modal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the right t-shirt for me?

    -Choosing the right t-shirt depends on a lot of factors, the look you are going for, the comfort the t-shirts offer and most importantly the need. T-shirts are one of the versatile piece of apparel in women’s fashion, they can be styled in many ways. We have t-shirts that satisfy your casual needs, leisure need and active wear needs. If you want a casual look pair them with capri or jeans, for daily wear pair them with leggings, jeggings and shorts, for your sleep wear pair them with pyjamas.
  • How to style a t-shirt?

    -A t-shirt can be styled in many ways, they can be used as layering clothes to the only apparel. They can be used for casual attire to daily wear attires. And can be styled with all the lowers for women in our portfolio.
  • Are t-shirts good sleep wear?

    -Jockey girls t-shirts is designed to offer maximum comfort all day, every day. Be it for your lounging needs or for you play time needs, the comfort and the support the t-shirts offer is best, making it one of the best tops to pair with pyjamas as good sleepwear.
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