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4 New Indian Writers We're Excited by

A new year calls for new fiction. And while we are reeling in all the wonderful literature from across the world, it is safe to say that some Indian authors really stood out. In a country as diverse as ours, it’s important to give voice to the plethora of stories that form our collective narratives. Here are few that we reckon will shape the rich tapestry of the Indian novels in the coming years.

Rhea Mukherjee | The Body Myth

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Rhea questions what conventional love means in her debut spanning 202 pages — a quick read for a summer afternoon if you’re looking to delve into themes around modern marriage constructs, mental illness, love, and well… toxicity. Neel Patel says it best — “Like the Rasagura fruit Rhea Mukherjee so eloquently writes about, [this is] a tender love story at its core: sweet, sour, and bursting with wisdom.”

Roshan Ali | The Endless Search for Satisfaction

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Ironically, Roshan Ali’s debut is a very satisfying read, filled with dark humor, courtesy of the eponymous protagonist sharing a house with his very schizophrenic father. Shortlisted for JCB Prize for Literature and Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize, Roshan does a great job of capturing the conscience of disaffected, unbridled youth.

Keshava Guha | Accidental Magic

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If you have ever lined up outside a bookstore at midnight, eagerly awaiting the arrival of JK Rowling’s magnum opus, then you are just the person Keshava Guha has written Accidental magic for. Set around 1999-2001 around the time of Goblet Of Fire, this is a third-person retelling of how four persons whose lives become interconnected because of the Harry Potter series. This is a glorious tale of how even the most esoteric of us, can find affinity built upon a common passion.

Madhuri Vijay | The Far Field

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What began as a short story ten years ago is now a 400-page behemoth of a debut by Madhuri Vijay. Partly set in Kashmir, this novel is personal and political narrated in a stream of conscious style that pivots through the mind of a solo female traveler. Need we say more.

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