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5 Trends we're calling for 2020

It's the last year of the decade. We've already written about the things we should all drop before the start of the next one. And here's a list of what we think will be big as we count down to it. Read on. Disco collars

With the resurgence of a whole bunch of '80s themed shows, movies, and even music, we can't say we didn't see this coming. Still, the one collar to rule them all this year will be the antique charm of the disco collar. John Travolta might have started the trend with Saturday Night Fever, and Victoria Beckham might have brought it back last year - but 2020 is when we're predicting a huge liftoff for the famed neckline in both professional and party wear. Business bermudas

Image Credit Vogue We're ending the decade with more women than ever before in the workspace. Apart from being the best time for gender emancipation, it also means some of the best workwear trends are coming to life. Chief among them this year will be the business bermuda - trust women to elevate the humble bermuda from an uncles-at-the-beach accessory to a work wear essential. Retro reboot athleisure

Image credit - Footwear News The nostalgia trip seems to have seeped into athleisure as well - bright neons and vinyls are all set to dominate 2020, with the occasional dash of geometric patterns. Even if you aren't a fan of the hit Netflix show, "Stranger Things", it's hard to argue that the show is bringing back a whole bunch of outfits we thought would never leave our closets again, and we couldn't be happier. Don't forget chunky dad sneakers and high-waist hot shorts to boot. Neo Green

The color of the year is now official neo green - an evolution of the millennial pink that dominated the past few years. It is intended to be a gender neutral color and will seep into every aspect of design and aesthetic - interiors, wardrobes, furnishings, accessories, tech et al. Don't be surprised to find your next iPhone or Surface Pro sporting this frosty shade in 2020. Sustainable all the way

We can't stress this enough - it's about time we all got more responsible with our clothes. And brands are taking note too. Go for clothes that are durable and last long, and not brands that promote a seasonal wardrobe refresh. Because the best trend will always be the one that you set for yourself - sans what anyone else says.

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