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About a Girl (and her Jockeys)

I think the first time I ever came across a Jockey product was when I saw my mum hanging out the laundry — a pair of my dad’s trunks in particular — with a big, bold ‘Jockey’ embroidered on the waist band. I didn’t give the word much thought at the time, of course, because I was just a kid. And in that moment, I never could’ve fathomed the timeless relationship that ensued. It’s funny how some things just become a part of your life. And for me, Jockey underwear is definitely one of those things.

School’s Out

I distinctly remember the first time I got my own pair of Jockey’s — I was just about to start the 6th grade, in a new town and a new school. I was shopping with my mum for school supplies, and out of the many things we bought, what stood out most to me were my Jockey camisoles and cycling shorts. Now I won’t blame you if you think this is a little strange. After all, why would a kid think buying a pair of cycling shorts was something exciting or memorable? But you’ve gotta see where I’m coming from. In my little 11-year old brain, this was a big deal. I’d never had to wear cycling shorts before, so this was a definite sign that I was growing up!

Pubescent Panic!

Ah… puberty! Who doesn’t remember that wild, awkward, and uncomfortable phase of life. But let’s be frank, puberty is a whole lot weirder for girls than it is for boys. Hormones raging, hair sprouting, the arrival of the red devil, and of course, certain other (🙄)developments — yup, it sure is a lot to take in! And through this tumultuous roller coaster of a phase, the only stable thing I can remember is my training bra — the Jockey cross back sports bra to be precise. In fact, the reason why I remember this grey and black little thing so well is because almost every girl in school owned at least one of these (seriously, you could faintly see the ‘X’ shaped straps peeking through crisp white cotton shirts on the backs of almost all the girls in my grade). The unspoken understanding among all mothers in my school was that when it was time for their daughters to get their first bra, it had gotta be Jockey, or Nothing! And I can see why; the Jockey cross back sports bra was extremely comfortable, without being intimidating — the perfect choice for overwhelmed young ladies trying to keep up with all the changes that were happening to them.

Size me up!

Well if you thought wearing a training sports bra is intimidating for a young girl, the real kicker is when you have to upgrade from those to ‘real’ bras (hooks, cups, and all that jazz). The reason why I found this transitions to be particularly daunting is because of how me and just about every other girl come about acquiring one of these ‘real’ bras. I remember walking to the store with my mom and speaking to the saleswoman, who immediately told us that the best option for me was the Jockey Beginners Bra. She handed me the box, after which she insisted on coming into the trial room with me, to see if the bra was the right size. Trying on a bra with a stranger in such close quarters was quite an awkward experience, but the saving grace was that I got a bra that fit like a glove and had me feeling all grown up.

Teenage Trials

When I grew a little older and went into my later teens, I decided to get a little experimental with the kind of bras I wore — my mum was finally giving me more control over the clothes I bought, and I started to feel that the plain old white and beige was getting too boring. And so, I embarked on my long and tiring journey to find cute and colorful bras. After trying several different brands (some of which were exorbitantly priced), I soon realized that the fancier a bra looked, the more uncomfortable it was to wear. So, I decided to go back to my roots and see if Jockey had any options. As far as I knew, Jockey bras fit really well, but weren’t the most fun to look at. But gurl, was I wrong! Turns out, Jockey had an entire range of bras with cool patterns and colours, without compromising on a good fit. This revelation was totally life changing, and so, I stocked up on all the bras I could find — from underwired ones to shapers.

In a Tight Spot

I’ve always had fashion phases throughout my life… and a couple of years ago, my phase involved me being obsessed with bodycon pencil skirts. But apparently, there’s an unspoken rule for women — if you’re wearing bodycon, you can’t have your panty lines showing through it. I guess I never got the memo. After an embarrassing incident when a friend had to point this uncomfortable fashion rule out to me, I decided I needed to find a pair of seamless underwear (because just the thought of wearing a thong made me feel uneasy). And yet again, Jockey didn’t let me down. Almost all the underwear they offer, be it the bikini style or even hipsters, have soft elastic borders, so your underwear stays where it should — under your clothes.

If there’s one thing I know for certain after twenty one years of living, it’s that buying underwear can be a dreadful task for a girl. That’s precisely why I am so glad that Jockey has always had my back, saving me the trouble of endless sweaty hours in trial rooms to find underwear that flattered my body. Now, no matter what kind of outfit I choose to wear, I know where to go for underwear that knows me.

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