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Activities to do at home under lockdown!

If you’ve exhausted your reading list, binged on all your favorite TV shows, and reached the bottom of your Instagram newsfeed — then maybe it’s time for you to try something new. And thanks to lockdown, there’s plenty of time on your hands to explore new interests and hobbies that you’d put on the back burner all this while. So to give you some much-needed inspiration, we have put together a few hobbies to learn at home. So go ahead, explore what you like and keep yourself occupied this stay-at-home season.

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Do an online course.

Have you always been fascinated by a subject, but never had the time to dive in? Now’s your chance to test the waters. Top universities from around the globe offer thousands of courses on online platforms such as Coursera and Udemy. These courses are often short, self-paced, and you can take them from the comfort of your bed! The best part — it’ll look amazing on your resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Great way to impress potential employers and college admission officers!

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Perfect your cooking skills.

Lockdown means no takeout every day, so you might as well learn to whip up a few quick dishes. Fish out that old cookbook collecting dust in your cupboard, and get ready to boost your culinary prowess. If this sounds like too much effort, then you can always turn to your best friend — the World Wide Web. It has millions of recipes that you can easily try at home — be it Italian, Chinese, Burmese, or just your simple ghar ka khana. Who knows, after this lockdown, you may be able to surprise your family and friends with an elaborate home-cooked meal!

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Learn a new language.

Remember the language classes we used to dread in school? If you regret never paying attention, don’t worry — the Internet is here to your rescue again! There are tons of online resources such as Duolingo and Coursera to help you get started — and these are especially helpful if you’re looking to travel extensively or study abroad in the future. What’s more, research also suggests that people who are bilingual or multilingual have greater memory and problem-solving skills. So there’s no better time than the present to perfect those ‘Ciaos’ and ‘Au revoirs’!

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Work on your fitness levels.

While lying on the couch and watching reruns of trashy romantic comedies all day long seems like an ideal way to deal with lockdown, it’s important to add some physical activity to your daily routine. And the great news is, there are a whole range of fitness apps at your disposal, so you can get your surya namaskars and burpees on point right from the comfort of your living room. After all, these are some great activities to do at home. So download the one that works for you, throw on some stylish fitness gear, and get started today.

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The most important takeaway here? Always find the silver lining in every dark cloud — and make this stay in all about staying in touch with your inner self. Once the fog lifts, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve grown and learned!

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