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Bridge the distance: Gifting ideas when you're social distancing

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November brings with it a festive season that lasts the rest of the year and even spills over into the much-awaited new year — complete with scrumptious food, dazzling celebrations, and of course, thoughtful presents to go around. This year though, festivities have taken on a different look with the pandemic still at large. Home visits and parties are more intimate and it’s not possible to hand-deliver gifts to everyone on your list. But the festive spirit must live on and celebrations need to be brighter this year, which is why we’ve put together a list of gifts you can give even while social distancing.

We hope these help you keep gift-giving traditions alive and remind your loved ones that you’re thinking of them this season. Start reading to get gifting.

Say it with food

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A delicious treat is one way to show someone you’re thinking about them, even if you can’t go over to tell them yourself. Get a snack, meal, or personalized hamper delivered to your loved one’s doorstep and give them a break from tedious quarantine cooking. Check out the options on food delivery apps, or discover home kitchens and local restaurants on social media for something a bit more unique. Another fantastic option is grocery delivery subscriptions or memberships for a long-term supply of edible essentials that anyone would appreciate.

Provide game night essentials

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Game nights have become the new Saturday night parties across the globe. Everyone is dusting off the old board games they had stored under their beds and in their attics, trading video games, and downloading extension packs for games on a screen. So, why not add to the collection? Go with a classic like Monopoly or Scrabble and have it delivered to your friend’s or family’s house, or try a video or online game for an even safer gifting option.

Gift a little retail therapy

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It will serve you well to remember that gift cards never go out of style. With the new normal, online shopping has taken the spotlight and fortunately, you can purchase E-gift cards for a dose of retail therapy from the safety of home. Some brands even have fun categories and customized gift cards. All you have to do is put in the amount and furnish a valid email address along with a few basic details, and you’re good to gift!.

Bring the entertainment

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Speaking of subscriptions, entertainment channels have become essential to everyday life since the outbreak of the pandemic and a subscription makes for a useful gift. Choose the platform your friend or family member would most enjoy — for example, Netflix or Amazon Prime for movie lovers, Spotify for those who like to get their groove on, or even an all-access pass to a favorite magazine or journal. There are countless entertainment options available and they can be delivered to an inbox conveniently and safely.

Encourage learning and growing

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Many are using the extra time on their hands to further their hobbies and passions or to learn something new via online classes. If you want to give your loved one some motivation to do some learning and growing, this is the best present and you don’t even have to wrap it! You can gift a crash course in pretty much anything — be it an online dance class, an art mentorship, or a career-boosting educational course.

That’s our list for ideal gifts when social distancing. Pick your favorites from the lot and make the festive end-of-year season special despite the circumstances. The celebration will go on!

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