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DIY Home decor ideas

Are you someone who is inclined towards trying something crafty and creating decorative elements for your home? I personally really enjoy getting my hands messy and trying DIY ideas. There’s a different sense of pride when someone comes home and asks me where I got a specific item from and I get to say that I made it!

Unfortunately, given my busy schedule, it’s not very easy to find the time to always create decor. But now that the lockdown has been imposed and extended, it’s the perfect opportunity to try a few things, which also incidentally helps in keeping my mind relaxed and engaged through this difficult time. I’m sure we all have corners of the house that we wish we could do more with. So here it is! Simple ways to do up your home!

Boho Vase

Wrapping a jute rope around any kind of decor immediately gives it a boho feel. To make yourself a beautiful boho vase, all you need are an old vase, some jute rope (depending on the size of your vase), and a hot glue gun. Feel free to use regular white glue if you don’t have a hot glue gun. If you’re using hot glue then simply hot-glue the jute rope around the vase. If you’re using white glue as I did, apply the glue around the vase as you coil the rope around. Finish with a layer of mod podge (diluted white glue) for extra durability.

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Woolen Coasters

This simple craft turns an old woolen cardigan into eco-friendly, inexpensive coasters that can be used over and over. Just wash your woolen sweater in hot water, then dry with an agitating agent like jeans. After three rounds of washing, the sweater will feel slightly tough. Use a pencil and a large-mouthed glass to trace circles on the fabric and then cut out a set. I use acrylic paints (or fabric paints) to add a little design and colour to my coasters. You can do the same if you find your coasters too plain.

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Marbled crockery

If you’ve got boring pieces of crockery like a plain white mug or a dish lying around, here is a quick way to give it a makeover. Begin by pouring your favorite shade of nail polish into a deep dish with warm water. Use a toothpick or a stick to move the polish layer around and create your own unique pattern. Dunk your chosen crockery into the water and hold it for 5 seconds. Lift it out of the water et Voila! You have crockery that’s marbled. The best part about this technique (apart from the fact that it’s so easy) is that no two designs are ever the same!

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Photo wall

The lockdown can cause you to feel lonely and miss your family and friends. One easy way to revive your memories with them and remember the good times is by creating a photo wall with polaroids and photos of your loved ones. All you need to do is gather the pictures you like the most and tape them against the wall using double-sided tape.

You can also frame the images on your photo wall using fairy lights so that the photo wall becomes the focus of your room!

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Wall painting

Paint your walls by using a stencil (that you can find online) or by directly sketching your idea on the wall. All you need for this is your imagination and some paint! You can even experiment with various tools to create effects. Use an old comb to create lines across the wall in any direction for an abstract effect or use a more traditional paint brush and drop various colors of paint on your surfaces for a playful design. You can keep it as simple or as detailed as you’d like to! Be sure to place a protective layer of plastic or newspaper over the floor and anything else around the area where you’ll be working. Pro-tip, if you have a projector at home, you can project your favourite painting or any other design on a wall and paint over it to create stunning, life-size art.

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And there you have it!

Fun DIY’s to really OOMPH up your space! Since we’re all stuck at home for a little longer, I hope these ideas help in adding more magic to your home whilst keeping you engaged and safe! Happy Crafting!

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