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Fun ways to celebrate the holidays in the midst of a pandemic

Get the celebration going and give 2020 a send-off like no other


December has arrived and soon 2020 will come to a close. This is usually the time when everyone is making plans for Christmas lunches, end-of-year catch-ups, and wild New Year parties. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still at large and puts a damper on the usual revelry that comes with the season. But there is no need to worry because what I have for you today is a list of super-duper fun alternatives to the traditional celebration. Read on to know the best ways to keep the festivities alive and kicking this Christmas and New Year.

On-screen get-togethers

Bonus tip: Use a delivery service to send over gifts to your friends and family before the party so you can open them together (source:

The first option on the list has become the new normal across the world and is the recommended way to go for maximum safety and enjoyment. Video calling is a tool we used for most birthday parties, anniversaries, and college graduations of 2020 - and it is certainly good enough for our end-of-year fiestas too. You can start by creating a wacky e-vite to send out to friends and family for a bit of extra cheer. Get everyone involved to decorate their houses, make a wonderful dinner, and most importantly, put on their best holiday outfits. An on-screen get-together is ideal for spending the holidays with your loved ones while also social distancing.

Drive-by greetings

Bonus tip: Dress your car or bike with decorations and be prepared with signs that scream holiday jubilation (source:

From the Hollywood sign to Bollywood neighborhoods, drive-by or drive-through parties in the safety of a car are all the rage now. And while their over-the-top extravaganzas may be out of our reach, drive-by greetings for Christmas and New Year is a great idea (if I may say so myself). Go ahead, deck your car or bike in boughs of holly or maybe a pretty string of stars, and drive by the homes of loved ones to let them know you're wishing them a happy holiday season.

Once you’ve collected all your needfuls, start by attaching the curtain pole to a wall. With the help of hooks or a wire attach the shoe organizer to the pole.

Bonus tip: Arrange the meet up in a line or around a tree to ensure your socially distanced celebration is done right (source:

I don't know about you, but I have been starved for fresh air and sunshine during this pandemic year. If, like me, you're looking for a way to end the year on an outdoorsy note, a socially distanced picnic is something you could look into. Find a lawn, a park, or even a terrace or balcony, and invite the gang for some delicious finger foods, served with a healthy dose of the outdoors. If it's several families or groups of friends hanging out, draw out spaces for the groups and give each one their own dedicated nook for merriment with social distancing.

Cozy staycations or vacations

Bonus tip: Choose less-crowded destinations and book a villa, cottage, or B&B home so your group can have safety and privacy (source:

You're a travel bug and would prefer to be out of your home for the holidays - I get it and this suggestion is for you. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with a staycation in and around your hometown, or a drive-to vacation that allows you to safely escape for a few days. There are so many options, right from five-star hotels that offer a bit of luxury to adventure camps that bring you closer to nature. My pick would be a beachfront cottage where I can watch the horizon and envision a fabulous 2021. Whatever your preference may be, a staycation or vacation with family, friends, or just yourself lets you ring in the new year with a new adventure. Some of our traditions may need alteration, as the pandemic is surely staying for the holidays. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up on spending this special time with your special people. You're now set with a list of unique celebrations that welcome the new year with precaution, so grab your mask and your holiday spirit to end the year on a positive note. May you have a safe and joyful season.

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