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Get closer to nature with these in-home activities

Times have taken an unforeseen and unexpected turn. The lockdown to prevent the further spread of the pandemic is in place and we have to abide for the greater good, temporarily.

Our homes have become our offices as work from home is the new normal. But can we work all day to keep ourselves occupied?

Of course not. After our designated office shift ends, we start wondering what we can do apart from binge-watching, listening to music, or working out. Moreover, indulging in just entertainment might make us feel useless.

But why not take the time to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Why not get closer to nature? The planet seems to be resetting at this time and here are few things you can do to contribute.

Just plant a tree!

The best way to utilize your time nowadays would be to plant saplings. However, most of us might not have the liberty to go out to do that. Well, in such a scenario, growing and nurturing plants like Tulsi and Aloe Vera within your home is something worth trying. Both these plants have medicinal values and they emit fresh oxygen.

Those of us who have a kitchen garden may go a step further and plant tree saplings like Neem and Peepal. With deforestation at its peak, you can do your bit by planting more trees. Moreover, this won’t be a one-time activity. Those saplings would need your attention on a daily basis. They need time and you have lots of that now. Use it to make this world a bit greener and healthier.

Grow vegetables in your living room!

Green, fresh, and healthy in the same breath! And you can be damn sure what goes into the production. All you’ll need is:

  • Your old pocket shoe organizer
  • An old curtain pole and screws
  • Hanging hooks
  • Your choice of seeds and plants you want to grow and compost
  • A piece of wood to keep the base of the pockets at a distance from the wall


Once you’ve collected all your needfuls, start by attaching the curtain pole to a wall. With the help of hooks or a wire attach the shoe organizer to the pole.

To check drainage, pour water into the shoe holder. If the water does not drain, make some holes for the same. Fill the pockets with compost and add seeds. In a few days, you should have your own little green garden up and running. Start with herbs and spices and you can slowly move to bigger plants as well.

Turn your garbage bin into a reservoir!

Water is not an infinite source anymore. As the days pass, our planet is getting hotter and our water resources are drying up. So, how about conserving rainwater at home. Don’t worry, you don’t need to dig up your backyard. Just grab your old garbage bin or a barrel. You’ll also need:

  • A spout
  • Sharp knife

Check for a place in or outside your home where you can collect rainwater in abundance. Set up the bin or barrel here, cut a hole in the lid of the barrel –– big enough to allow the water flow. Attach a spout at the bottom of the barrel and wait for the rain.

Turn your old tee into a grocery bag!

Stores are shunning plastic bags and going for more eco-friendly cloth or paper bags. And rightly so. But, why shell out extra bucks for these at every grocery run.

Instead, you could convert your old tee into a shopping bag. All you need is:

  • Heavy-weight cotton T-shirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Medium-size bowl
  • Water-erasable marking pen
  • Scissors

To start with, turn your tee inside out. Pin the bottom along the hem and close the bottom by sewing it. Flip the right side out while ensuring all seams are in line.

Now, place the medium-sized bowl halfway over the opening of the neck and cut along the outline. However, make sure you do it through the back and the front sides in order to create an opening that is bigger than the neck. Make a cut after lining up the hems on the front and back of both the sleeves.

Your custom grocery bag is ready for use.

Apart from our suggestions remember to use your heating and lighting energy resources as judiciously as possible. Take care of nature. It will reciprocate by offering more than we give!

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