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Getting Over the Superhero Slump


Superhero movies have always enjoyed a fair share of popularity since the time Christopher Reeves' Superman hit the silver screen in 1978. The superhero 'frenzy', however, started with the advent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2008 with Iron Man. The film was received well by both critics and the audience, which allowed the studio to green light subsequent superhero movies and made the MCU what it is today. The following movies, more or less, followed a tone similar to the first Iron Man - light, breezy, and action-packed.

The success of every MCU movie is owed to its consistency - every movie ties in with the other in some way or the other. The DC Extended Universe was established in a similar fashion and 'borrows' the concept of weaving a web between significant characters. On top of dominating box office sales, these movies tend to be the focus of all media organisations. While it is the norm for any movie to carry out such promotion, the response from the fans can be overwhelming. In the process, the hype tends to overshadow other movies that may be equally good. Pretty sure we can all think of someone who spams our feed with constant posts and stories related to it. As a movie buff, I personally feel a bit suffocated by the larger-than-life air that these movies can have.

Blasts from the past may be the cure for the superhero hangover we've been suffering from. So if you're looking for a detox like I am, here are a few suggestions:

Opposites commit

Two people who are poles apart unite to defeat a greater evil; many superhero movies like Batman V Superman (2016) have followed this theme in the past. But we're looking for change. And a hidden gem like The Man from U.N.C.L.E cannot be ignored. Watch Henry Cavill in a less-morose-more-upbeat flick with an epic C.I.A and KGB team-up that you don't want to miss!

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Traitor in our midst

Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Primal Fear all have something in common. They were led to believe that the antagonist was someone else, when the actual villain was right under their nose. The major difference is Primal Fear has corrupt priests, rough neighborhoods, and tons of suspense. Edward Norton's performance in this movie earned him an Oscar nomination. Need I say more?

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Let the games begin

There's no doubt that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the finest MCU movies made - what with its beautifully choreographed action sequences, and the overall pace of the movie. If you're looking for a film with similar themes, I highly recommend Spy Game. The fact that Robert Redford is in both movies may or may not be a coincidence but it has all the conspiracies, spies, and action that the perfect thriller needs.

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The fun is in the journey

Replace magical stones with crystals, think big ships, an unruly crew, and an entire civilization at stake. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is essentially about different people, with different strengths, teaming up to protect an ancient race of people from being wiped out by evil. This criminally underrated Disney movie deserves your attention. (Hint: It's not as sad as Infinity War)

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All that's left now is adding these movies to your Netflix watchlist. A good ol' binge over a lazy weekend and home-made popcorn might just do the trick.

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