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Oscars: It's not just the golden statue but the stars' fabric too

From shades of black and white to shimmering gold, who wore what at the Oscars:

The Oscars is not just about the golden statue. It is also about the outfits of the people who want to take it home. On the red carpet, the dapper as well as the dazzled, smile irrespective of being the winners or not.

This year’s Academy Awards ceremony was no different.

It was the familiar drill. They came, stood on the red and let the shutterbugs do their bit. And, as always, the cameras tend to lurk on the ones who have more to offer than just black and white.

Oscar winner Natalie Portman looked radiant in a black Dior cape. Her resplendent outfit paid tribute to female directors who weren’t nominated this year, with their names embroidered along her neckline.

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Director Spike Lee, who came with his wife, wore a purple-yellow suit, reminiscent of the LA Lakers. His jacket paid tribute to the late, great Kobe Bryant

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Singer-Songwriter Bille Eilish donned a striking white Chanel suit. Her green and black hair was kept in place with Chanel clips matching her distinct outfit

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The multi talented Janelle Monae had her Cinderella moment courtesy of her shimmering silver long dress. The rapper did have a hood on, but reigned in the expletives

Joaquin Phoenix, who made it easy for the jury this year with his performance in Joker, will be the exception in most award functions he attends. The Oscar winner has pledged to wear a Stella McCartney suit at all events of the awards tour with an aim to reduce waste.

Costume designer Sandy Powell turned her simple white suit into an autograph list of Hollywood bigwigs. Powell has said that the suit will be auctioned for charity.

Actor Timothee Chalamet was a casual entrant as he was seen in a navy blue track suit designed by Stella McCartney, rather than the traditional tux.

Kirsten Wiig complemented the red carpet with a unique red outfit with ruffles on the sides and a train.

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Rene Zellweger stood out. The Best Actress Oscar winner dazzled in a white, one-shoulder dress

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The other white outfit that stood out was donned by the evergreen Salma Hayek. Her’s too was a one-shoulder dress. However, it was the silver headpiece and matching bangles that did the trick

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If there was white, there was enough gold too. Maya Rudolph looked shimmering in an orange Valentino gown. Another golden girl was Sandra Oh who graced a gold, sequinned Elie Saab designed dress with ruffled shoulders

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Other male Hollywood front-seaters kept it simple: the good old black tux. From Brad Pitt, who took home his first golden statue to Tom Hanks, the academy regulars didn’t keep anyone guessing

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Among the tuxedos was a new entrant, Taika Waititi. The Jojo Rabbit director is known for his colorful appearances. However, this year he joined the league of gentlemen by keeping it classy

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