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Simple DIY decor ideas to jazz up your space

We believe a house becomes a home when you add your own personal touch to it so that it reflects the best and brightest aspects of you. It should be a cozy space where you can be yourself, feel like yourself, and enjoy an ambience that reminds you of yourself. But that’s easier said than done when interior decor costs a small fortune and is more trouble than fun.

That’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of simple DIY decor ideas that are sure to bring color and art into your home without denting your bank account. Not to mention, they make for a super fun and relaxing crafts session. So without further ado, here are our tips and tricks for unique DIY decor.

Shed some light

With classic fairy lights and painted diyas

A dash of extra light has the potential to transform a room completely, and the easiest way to do this is a string of magical fairy or LED lights that can be used in several different ways. Simply hang them up across a wall or window, put them in a mason jar to make your own lanterns, or use a single string to spell out a word that inspires you. Alternately, handpainted diyas is another great way to shed some signature light. All you need is a bunch of ordinary diyas and bright paints to give them a facelift and you’ve got yourself a personalized source of light.

Get a bit nostalgic

With photo walls and framed memories

We can all agree that interior decor can never be complete without photographs of the people we love, and it’s something you can get creative with. For example, get black and white prints of your family photos for a monotone aesthetic, or get the prints put into frames you can adorn with color, glitter, feathers, or anything else that matches your style. Your heart-warming photo wall can also be crafted into a particular shape or strung together with fairy lights and other cute embellishments. And for an old school yet trendy look, replace regular photos with polaroids.

Decorate your walls

With handmade dreamcatchers and wall hangings

It’s time to get artistic and don’t worry if you aren’t the next Picasso, because we have DIY art decor that anyone can make with a little help from a tutorial — we’re talking dreamcatchers and wall hangings that add heaps of positivity to the room. Make a list of the raw materials you will require (all of which are easily available in any stationery or crafts store) and spend a weekend putting them together for a piece of art that is 100% you.

Bring nature indoors

With DIY vases and terrariums

They say one can never have too many indoor plants and we believe they are correct. Plants breathe life into a home, as well as provide a sought-after natural aesthetic. Take it to the next level by decorating your vases and pots in a color palette you envision. You could also go with a fabulous DIY terrarium — it doesn’t get prettier than sand, pebbles, and a whole lot of greenery layered in a bowl or jar! Trust us, your decor options with plants are plenty.

There you have it, those are our suggestions for simple but fun DIY decor projects. We hope this list has got inspiration knocking and creative juices flowing. When you have some free time next, grab your art supplies and jazz up your space the Jockey way.

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