Social distancing in style: Wardrobe essentials for the indoors Jockey India

Social distancing in style: Wardrobe essentials for the indoors

15 May 2020

None of us would have thought there’d be a day when staying indoors for months would be the new normal. But here we are. From socializing to gymming, we’ve had to redefine every aspect of our lives to make sure we stay home — and fashion is no different.

In the ‘honeymoon’ phase of social distancing, we all enjoyed waking up at noon, working in bed, and lounging in our pyjamas. Most of us, however, realized soon enough that a routine does help; as does doing the things we loved to do pre-Coronavirus. So if dressing up made us happy, there’s no reason we should stop now. All we need to do is realign our fashion choices— much like we’ve realigned our lifestyles.

Here’s a guide to the ultimate social distancing wardrobe:

Look 1: Work From Home

Source: Photo byLaura Chouetteon Unsplash

This is the one thing that brings some semblance of sanity to our lives, and our wardrobe choices should reflect that. Here’s our list of the top outfits that are great when you’re working remotely:

Easy jeans

We all know the standard joke — all that’s visible on a conference call is waist-up, so why not be comfy in pyjamas or shorts when you’re working from home. While there’s a point to this, and there are days when PJs are a go-to, it’s a good idea to keep things slightly dressy while working. Try the easy jean as the perfect middle path — it’s a high-waisted straight leg that creates a slouchy aesthetic. Extremely chic but just as comfortable, this will help you look and feel good.

Office-look blazer

A simple, light blazer is a great way to take those more formal Zoom calls. All it takes is a few seconds to put on and take off but it adds a world of sophistication to any work-from-home look.

Look 2: The binge-watcher

There’s no better time than now to snuggle up under a cozy blanket and catch up on all those addictive Netflix originals. Here are our topic picks for those lazy days:


Grabbing a bowl of ice cream and getting into bed in a comfy t-shirt is the dream. The look spells ‘relaxation’, and in a time like this, that’s really all you need.

Look 3: The fitness enthusiast

While some of us are shunning any kind of activity altogether, others have taken to working out with a new-found enthusiasm during this lockdown. From virtual yoga classes to online Zumba, the options are limitless. But working out feels so much more rewarding when you have the right outfits! Here are our picks:

Racerback tank tops

These tank tops are the ultimate workout wear. They’re not only lightweight and ultra-comfortable, but the racerback also makes them look super stylish. Another huge plus — they can also be worn as leisurewear when you don’t feel like making much of an effort. So go ahead and stock up on a bunch of colors!

Racerback active bra

Active bras or sports bras are a must during any workout — and you’ll find one that’s tailored just right for your preferred activity, be it high or low intensity.

Yoga pants

That perfect combination of cotton and spandex, yoga pants are both fashionable and practical. If you’re using this lockdown to access all the wonderful yoga classes online and find your inner yogi, it’s time you invested in a pair of well-fitting, stretchable yoga pants!

Look 4: Lounging around

On most days during the lockdown, there’s really no need to get all dressed up. But there are plenty of cute outfits that can give you a little pick-me-up while still being comfortable enough for daily chores.


Great for summer, super flattering for the body, and even more comfortable to lounge in — shorts are a must-have in any quarantine wardrobe. Longer, shorter, printed, or plain, there’s a pair for every mood.

Lounge pants

Buy a couple of pairs in colors you can pair with almost anything, such as gray and black— and you can lounge on the couch all day while keeping your style game on-point.

Look 5: The virtual party

Source: Pinterest

Whether it’s an online ‘Houseparty’ with your college friends, a Zoom Antakshari with your family, or your best mate’s virtual birthday party, there are wardrobe options galore for every such occasion.

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are the ideal virtual party outfit — they’re light and breezy enough to be worn at home, but they can still make you feel pretty and dressed up.

The bottom line

The lockdown is challenging on many different levels, but we’re slowly learning to live our best lives despite this new normal. For most of us, fashion is a wonderful way of navigating through these changes. So here’s hoping you can use some of these picks and give your wardrobe an easy but stylish revamp!

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