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Solo Travel Locations for the Offbeat Traveler

It is, more often than not, our pursuit for an escape - for independence - that makes the prospect of solo travel attractive. As exhilarating as it may sound, it is only but human to be a little apprehensive and choose a beaten path for the sake of 'safety'. But, if there's one way to do justice to the whole 'New Year, New me' rhapsody you've been on about, it's by fighting the urge to be basic, and forge new frontiers. Here are four offbeat locations to satiate your solo-trip cravings, depending on what persona you relate to.

The Foodie - Fez, Morocco

For quite a few of us, our solo escapades are a quest for the many cuisines mankind has to offer. If you are one such traveler, Fez needs to be on top of your travel agenda. Moroccan street-food culture is to die for. And Fez's old, narrow alleyways harbor every sensation your palate desires - from sugary mint tea to spicy sardines, the local khobz (bread) to Bessara (fava bean soup), or even steamed sheep heads and snail soup! It is truly an experience for the senses. Street shops bring you the aroma of spices, and a smokiness that will surely be a mini catharsis. Fez is every foodie's dream destination, and a (not-so) quiet stroll by yourself down its medinas is sure to leave you with a feeling worth savoring.

The Beach Bum - Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand

If, to you, a vacation is all about sun, sand, salt, and tans, the white, azure, and green beaches of the Ko Phi Phi Islands will have the ocean enthusiast in you rejoicing. A mere 90-min ferry from Phuket, Ko Phi Phi is a cluster of six islands in the Krabi Province. If the prospect of being surrounded by new people on your solo trip seems exciting, your go-to Island is Ko Phi Phi Don - the largest, most populated one. Ko Phi Phi Leh is a smaller Island to the south - barely populated but popular among tourists. With a fair amount of snorkeling and great night-life, you are sure to have an uber-happening vacation. Although, if silence, calm, and alone-time is more your cup of tea, don't worry - Bida Nok and Bida Nai have you covered.

The History Zealot - Persepolis, Iran

Is your solo trip endeavor the reminiscing of times long gone and the exploring of local heritage? Then look no further; Iran's throbbing Persepolis is no less than a walk down the lanes of history itself. If the thought of visiting Iran gets your sirens blaring, remember one thing - on-ground travel in the country is a pleasantly stark contrast to what western media will have you believe. The 2500-year-old ruins of Persepolis are among the whooping 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that Iran is home to. If you give this place a skip, be warned that you will miss out on world-famous ruins, ancient palaces including the Apadana, and the eye-bending architecture of the erstwhile city.

The Adrenaline Junkie - Haiti

If your idea of a relaxing solo getaway is one adrenaline rush after the other, Haiti is the destination that dreams are made of. The very sight of abundant hilltop fortresses, waterfalls, cave networks, and of course the seas, will have your insides beaming with anticipation. Now imagine being able to take all this in while zooming on a zipline, 500 feet above land and sea with breathtaking views of the cove below as you glide across a distance of 2,600 feet - Haiti's Dragon Breath flight line let's you experience just this. But your adrenaline endeavor won't end here; Haiti also comes with the promise of paragliding, mountain biking, jet skiing, hiking, and snorkeling. Being a welcome distance away from advanced civilization, Haiti will give you a much-needed break from technology (thanks to spotty internet), ensuring that your solo escapade will truly be other-wordly. So go out there and discover yourself. After all, your solo trip is nothing short of self-transformation - and what better way to achieve it than by being the rebel you were meant to be.

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