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The beginner's guide to staying in all weekend long

Look forward to your weekends again by doing all your favorite activities!

Weekends were once a sacred part of the week. It was a time to blow off steam after a hectic week at work. But with the world the way it is, we have been placed under an unexpected house arrest. Our homes have gone from a place of rest and recuperation to becoming an office, restaurant, theater, and even a gym. You no longer keep track of what day it is and before you know it, it’s the weekend and you are left wondering where all that time went. But hey, just because you can’t leave the house, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the things you used to. It’s time to revive the spirit of your weekends and bring back the joys of saying TGIF at the end of the week.

Check-in on your friends.

Zoom calls aren’t just for work meetings anymore

One of the things we miss most is kicking back with our friends and having a few laughs. Well, grab your phones and get on a video call. The idea is to practice social distancing, not be anti-social! Drink with your friends virtually for a girls or guys night in or pop some corn and stream a movie to watch it together remotely. You could even kick things up a notch and do a fun activity together like karaoke. Just be sure to give your neighbors a heads up for when you start belting out all those high notes.

Take a virtual tour.

Start ticking off those items on your travel bucket list!

Perhaps your idea of a fun activity is exploring new places or visiting museums and art galleries. Being stuck at home doesn’t have to put a damper on those plans. You can now globetrot from the comfort of your own home with a virtual tour of the world’s most iconic locations. Marvel at the legendary Incan city, Macchu Pichu, or indulge your inner art connoisseur at the Louvre or The Vatican – the world is at your fingertips. So, grab your laptop, tablet, or phone and get exploring!

Upcycle your wardrobe.

Reduce, reuse, and upcycle your way to a whole new wardrobe!

Let’s face it, times are tough, and hitting the mall on the weekends for a bit of retail therapy is no longer an option. But that shouldn’t stop you from upgrading your wardrobe. Transform your old clothes into something new with a bit of upcycling. There are loads of online tutorials on how to repurpose old clothes for a wardrobe makeover – from using bleach to tie-dye to turning a sweater into a skirt. You could even repurpose old clothes to create some DIY home decor such as turning a sweater into a pillow cover or braiding different fabrics together to create a fun throw rug.

Dine out at home.

Dim the lights and light a candle! That’s all it takes for a DIY fine-dining experience.

Eating out is a pass time most of us love to indulge in over the weekends. The ambiance and good food are hard to give up during the lockdown and it’s a good thing you don’t have to…well, sort of. Take the opportunity to improve your cooking skills and cook a meal for yourself. But don’t stop there, light some candles, throw on some mood music, and set the table for your own little fine dining experience right at home. You could even have a romantic date night if you’re quarantining with your significant other or hop on a video call with friends or family if you’d like a little company.

At the end of the day, all you need is a little creativity to work around the obstacles and continue doing what you love. Use the weekend to decompress and get a little me-time. And, remember to change out of those sweatpants every now and then!

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