The Decade is Coming to An End: Here Are the 10 Things That Should End With It Jockey India
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The Decade is Coming to An End: Here Are the 10 Things That Should End With It

As the decade comes to an end, and people start settling into 2020, it’s time to take stock of how we can make this a much better decade than the last one (shouldn’t be too hard, tbh).

To start with, we decided to come up with a list of things that really annoyed us through this decade— and why they need to go now.

New Year’s Resolutions

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This is number one on the list — mostly because we’re tired of hearing about people’s resolutions at this time of the year, every single year. There is absolutely no reason to look at self-development only on the 1st of January. By all means, make choices to improve yourselves — just don’t try to correlate them to the end of the year, and grin sheepishly when they’ve been forgotten by mid-January.

Mirror Sunglasses

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As someone who doesn’t wear mirrored sunglasses but has had to have numerous conversations with people wearing them, I can safely say that this needs to stop. It’s almost like looking into a mirror — completely pointless and hopelessly distracting. If you want to protect your eyes from the sun, just wear regular sunglasses like the rest of us

Bollywood Remixes

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This one is really getting old. The Hindi film industry needs to stop being lazy — you have an army of singers, music composers, lyricists. Please come up with original music. Thinking that it will be easier to market your movie if the audience already knows the song is just plain lazy. You can do better.

WhatsApp Forwards

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I’m not sure if this one will go away easily. The only option might be for WhatsApp to ban them completely — Mark Zuckerberg are you listening? WhatsApp forwards can become the bane of your existence — especially if you’re a Gen-Zer or millennial who doesn’t enjoy them in the least. From ‘Good Morning’ forwards to political messages to deep, dramatic philosophy to thinly veiled misogyny and bigotry — it ALL needs to go.

Single-use Plastic

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We’ve all seen the pictures, we’ve cringed, we’ve all done very little about it. Few things impact the human race as much as pollution — especially the non-biodegradable kind. And it’s really time we put a full stop on plastic waste. Swap out cloth bags for plastic covers and carry your own metal straws if you really need one to consume beverages. Trust us, every bag and straw we remove from landfills, count.

Diet Fads

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Can we all agree that all our bodies work different? There is no singular diet that magically works for everyone. Experiment, see what works for you, get a professional consult if you have to, and follow a staple that is possible for you. No amount of expert advice can match how much you can learn about your own body. So spend time and know your body better.

Fast Fashion

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Real trends don’t just last a season. And true fashion is timeless. There are enough reports that note how fast fashion is unsustainable in the long run. Just the sheer waste that it generates on a daily basis is alarming, not to mention some very exploitative supply chains. Let’s all aim to shop responsibly, and buy products that last longer.

Retro Reboots

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Don’t know about you, but we are sooooo done with reboots. The occasional one is alright, but it seems like we’re perpetually rebooting every single nostalgia trip these days. Can we focus on new stories instead? There are so many out there. As a race, we tell stories like no other species. So let’s start telling more new ones again.

Body Shaming

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We really shouldn’t be talking about this anymore, but unfortunately body shaming still exists. Let the next decade bring with it a new wave of positivity where we celebrate the diversity of body types. And let’s each one of us just focus on our own. A person’s body is their own business period.

Pineapple on Pizza

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Just, no. There’s no argument here.

So that was our top 10 pet peeves from this decade — and it’s high time we said goodbye to them all. Think we might have missed out on some? Let us know in the comments below.

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