The Jockey style guide to staying warm through any occasion Jockey India
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The Jockey style guide to staying warm through any occasion

Winter made warmer the Jockey way!

When it comes to seasons, summer gets all the attention for its sunny and vacation-ready personality. People often forget, in the midst of planning summer wardrobes and holidays, that there’s lots to love about winter as well — hot chocolate evenings by the window, soothing walks in the crisp air, cozy movie marathons, and of course, shopping for festivities. In our humble opinion, winter is seriously underrated.

The key to enjoying this season and all the magic it has to offer is staying nice and warm for all the wintery fun, and the best way to do that is to update your wardrobe with some winter essentials. Here’s the Jockey style guide to staying warm through any occasion.

Cozy layers beat the chill

Layers simply mean added style.

There are some days in the winter season when the sun finds a way through the cold and surprises us all; others make the teeth chatter from dusk to dawn and after. To be prepared for whatever the season has to offer, we suggest you try the classic trick of layering up. Start with a bright t-shirt as your base and top it with a functional but stylish jacket or knit. Throw in a shirt in between if you’re feeling really cold or the weather is feeling unpredictable, and voilà, you’re good to go. If the sun is out, all you have to do is shed the layers and rock your OG tee.

Versatile comfort is key

Your go-to look for the everyday.

Heading out for a peaceful drive? Going to run a few errands? Meeting up with friends for game night? Our answer is the same for all — hoodie and joggers. If you don’t have at least one oversized, fluffy hoodie and a pair of joggers, consider yourself unprepared for the winter. They can be worn individually or as a combination — perfect for that last-minute outfit we need too many times in the week. This is the everyday-casual winter calls for and in our ideal world, everyone would have a set hung by the door, ready to go.

Snug dreamin’ brings refreshed days

Don’t let the cold disturb your beauty sleep!

While the days are simple enough to dress for, the nights are a whole other matter. Not only does the temperature take a nosedive in the PM, but it’s also not easy to sleep well in a bulky sweater. The solution is soft PJs that keep your legs warm and a long-sleeved t-shirt or nightshirt made from a material that feels the most comfortable to you. It’s a great way to ensure your skin can breathe and you’re toasty while you sleep. Make this your winter nightwear must-have and you’re sure to wake up well-rested and raring to take on a new morning.

Extra warmth is never a mistake

All you need is two socks and a thermal.

On a quest for warm toes, the human race has gone to the lengths of pairing socks with sandals. And while we aren’t asking you to go that far, we do see the appeal of socks and thermals when the chill is at its worst. This winter, restock your sock drawer with fun colors and patterns and invest in a couple of thermals — you can never have too many pairs of socks and even a simple thermal camisole can go a long way in keeping you snug.

Now you know exactly what you need to put on your winter shopping list, so make sure you have all your fashion essentials bought, washed, pressed, and ready to keep you warm. And you better get going ASAP because a wonderful winter is at our doorstep.

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