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Most of us want to travel the world, but don’t. At least not as often as we want to. Reasons being – family/work commitments, a low bank balance, or perhaps we just can’t travel light! But hey, you don’t need to be rich, single, and free to travel; and these three fantastic women show us how.

ALEX IN WANDERLAND: We’ve heard of travellers who quit their high paying jobs after saving enough to embark on a worldwide journey. But, this isn’t the case with Alexandra Baackes. Alex left New York with a one-way ticket in 2011 and hasn’t had a permanent address ever since. With nothing but a degree in Fine Arts, she funded her first trip through her savings. She saved up by doing odd jobs since she was 13 and getting a scholarship to college. Once her journey began, she took up every job under the sun from babysitting to bartending, handing out posters to returning recyclable cans, and even underwater videography for a few extra bucks. Today, Alex funds her adventures through freelancing and advertising. She is also a photographer and a writer both wonderful skills for a freelancer and a professional scuba diver. If you’re wondering how to fund your travel, save money and travel light, follow her right away! Her website offers great insight into managing finances, travelling light, cameras, and essential travel gear.

IT’S A DANGEROUS BUSINESS: Amanda Williams’ obsession with Lord of the Rings made her save up and go on a trip to New Zealand in 2005. The two-week trip sparked her interest for travel and she’s visited 35 countries since. Amanda isn’t a digital nomad – she doesn’t make money out of being a full-time traveller. She works as a full-time teacher or freelances for a living and plans her vacations efficiently to travel. She believes that you don’t have to quit a job or leave your loved ones in order to travel and her stories convince of you of just that. Her blog has answers to all the questions that run through the mind of a first-time traveller. If you’re having second thoughts about travelling, travelling alone, or going to a particular place – her’s is the blog to read.


Meet Anuradha Shankar – a housewife, mother, freelance writer and a traveller. An aspiring scientist with a Masters degree in Physics, she has travelled extensively throughout India and visited most of the ancient temples in the country. She even has a separate blog that documents the magical Kashi Yatra. When she is not blogging about her travel experiences, she writes stories for children. If you are intrigued by the beauty and culture of India, her blog should be high up on your list. She doesn’t limit her travel to just the cities; remote locations feature frequently in her her blog along with detailed documentation of ancient places of worship and other attractions. Main blog: Kashi Yatra: So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to be a full time traveller or a part time one, follow these women and you’ll see yourself checking off places in your bucket list!

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