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Underwear moments that made history

Underwear is one part of your wardrobe that you never really give much thought to. But did you know that they’ve had a pretty big impact on history? In fact, throughout the years, innerwear has had a hand in helping certain people skyrocket to success. So today we’re commemorating these underrated garments with a look at five underwear moments that will forever be memorialized in the innerwear hall of fame!

Madonna’s cone bra (1990)

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A Madonna concert is always a memorable experience but nothing can compare to when the pop icon stepped onto the stage in April 1990 in Chiba, Japan during her Blond Ambition tour. Dressed in a Jean Paul Gaultier-designed wardrobe, she proudly flaunted an embellished version of undergarments that at the time was supposed to be kept hidden. The iconic cone bra became Madonna’s signature look and led to the Rolling Stone Magazine naming the performance as the Greatest Concert of the 1990s.

Marky Mark and his tighty-whities (1992)

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Today, we know Mark Wahlberg for his stellar performance in movies such as Three Kings and The Fighter. But before his Hollywood fame, he was a rapper known as Marky Mark. And in the 90s, Marky Mark made history when he dropped trou and revealed his tighty-whities underneath on stage while performing his dance hit Good Vibrations. Many rappers have worn their pants fairly low, but Marky Mark was the first to go all the way. It soon became his signature move and eventually earned him the chance to model underwear.

Presidential undergarments (1994)

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There are probably many words that come to mind when people hear the name, Bill Clinton. But during a forum on youth and violence hosted by MTV, the former US president was nothing but cool and collected as he was presented with the question — boxers or briefs? And what was Mr. President’s reply? “Usually briefs.

Tupac and saggy pants (1994)

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The saggy pants trend was a less risque version of Marky Mark’s trou dropping act. It was a staple style for every hip hop artist and was once the height of coolness. The lower your pants sagged, the higher your street cred. But it was actually the legendary Tupac Shakur who set this trend in motion. It was a huge moment for innerwear as everyone began flaunting the band of their boxers underneath.

The Naked Cowboy (1999)

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Street performer Robert John Burck’s tale is quite possibly the very epitome of a ‘rags to riches’ story. Known as The Naked Cowboy, Burck started off as a small-time street performer in Times Square in 1999. He charmed the tourists wearing his trademark outfit — a pair of briefs and a guitar. Since then, he has featured on TV and movies, run for the Mayor of New York City, and bid his candidacy for the 2012 presidential election. He’s even made a special appearance in a couple of music videos, including Nickelback’s Rockstar. And he’s also an entrepreneur that owns and operates the Naked Cowboy trademark. But through it all, he has never forgotten his roots and continues to play in Times Square wearing nothing but his briefs, a guitar, and now a mask.

Well, there you have it — five iconic underwear moments that made history! So, next time you’re rummaging through your underwear drawer, don’t take them for granted. Let your undergarments be a reminder as to just how much of an impact even the simplest thing can have on life as we know it today.

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