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5 Back to work casual outfits your wardrobe needs

5 Back to work casual outfits your wardrobe needs

It’s finally happening! Offices around the world are welcoming their employees back. Well, you know what this means, right?

No more rolling out of bed and lunging towards your laptop to log in or tucking your shirt into your boxers to attend those video conferences. It’s officially time to say goodbye to your stretchy clothes & put your favourite pair of pants to good use again. However, instead of going back to basics, how about we help you snazz up your work outfits and assist you in making a grand entrance into the new world, shall

With many organisations saying goodbye to their strict dress codes and giving their employees the freedom to dress up in semi-formal or casual business outfits, you now have a chance to experiment a little with your style. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

So, without further ado, check out these great ideas that’ll make heads turn as you trickle back into your workplace –

All Day Pants & Treggings

Let’s start the list by talking about Jockey’s All-Day Pants for men & Treggings for women that are both absolutely stunning, trendy and comfortable bottom wear options to choose from.

The slim-fit, all-day pants for men from Jockey’s International Collection have been crafted from double-knit Jacquard Super Combed Cotton fabric & designed with a comfortable waistband with button fastening & inner drawstring which gives them the softness of PJs and the appearance of trousers. Now, who doesn’t love that.

The Treggings, based on trouser-legging hybrids, are similar to leggings, but much easier to style with your formal blouses, as they are made with rayon nylon elastane stretch fabric which is a thicker material and feature a pant-like cut. Treggings are as comfortable as leggings but more stylish, so, obviously this genius invention is taking the fashion industry by storm. Ride the wave, will you?


A Polo t-shirt is the most versatile item you can own. In fact, this style has been a wardrobe staple for many years, and for good reason. Polo tees are made out of extremely comfortable fabric and tailored to offer the right cut and combination that gives it a very clean and professional appearance. When paired with chinos or even your old trusty jeans, it looks remarkable and right; no matter the settings.


The one best thing about solid-colored tees is that they are easy to style and require minimal effort. If you are going for a low-key vibe, you can simply wear it on top of your favourite jeans and sneakers or you can dress them up and add a well-tailored blazer to get that ‘I mean business’ look.

Women, you can pair your favourite t-shirt with a pleated midi skirt and mules or heels (depending on your mood) and we bet you’ll see the other ladies following suit the very next day. As for men, try combining your tees with trousers and a matching blazer to nail that business casual style. Sweatshirts do not look sloppy in a professional environment, if you know how to style them.

A lightweight, well-tailored sweatshirt with minimal design looks sharp when paired with the right bottom wear. Similarly, a floral sweatshirt for women looks great with a pencil skirt and loafers. There are a million ways you can rock your comfy sweatshirt in a glamorous way. All you have to do is think out of the box.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A good-fitting long sleeve t-shirt looks great with just about anything. But, it looks best with a pair of trousers or denim. Yes, it’s basic, but haven’t you seen Ryan Reynolds rock this look a million times, already? It’s casual, effortless and easy to throw together on days you don’t feel like dressing up for work.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and cannot pick the right OOTD for yourself, just remember, less is always more.