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5 Important Lingerie-Related Conversations You Must Have With Your Girls!

5 Important Lingerie-Related Conversations You Must Have With Your Girls!

Best friends don’t keep secrets from each other. From your first crush to your latest breakup, from fashion faux pas to viral trends, you discuss everything! She’s the first person you think about when you achieve something great, like win a lottery, or do something terrible, like go on a date with your ex!

So, why don’t you talk about the most important thing in the world, with the one who gets you like no one else? Lingerie!

Lingerie is the second most reliable thing in the world for a woman. The first is of course her BFF. So talking about it with your girls only makes sense. Besides, once you start the ball rolling, who knows what you might discover from each other? Especially when there’s SO MUCH to discover!

So if you haven’t already, here are five lingerie-related conversations you must have with your BFF right away:

Size Matters

Almost every girl has the same “first bra story”. It’s where her mom buys her a new set of very plain, very standard lingerie that are usually either black or white, or both. Unfortunately, for some, things never change. What these girls fail to realise is that their bodies have changed, and most probably their taste too.This is why it is so important to break the stereotype and talk to your girlfriends. The more you talk about lingerie, the more likely you are to find information that will help you understand your body better and give it the love and comfort it truly deserves.

Comfort Counts

Yes, there are so many stunning selections to pick from, but there’s always going to be “the one” you can rely on. While the outlook of a lingerie set often alludes the audience, it is also important to check the technical aspects, such as its fit and fabric. And honestly, who better to tell you what’s best for you than your BFF?

Cleanliness is Crucial

Ladies, when it comes to cleanliness, there’s no two ways about it. While you don’t have to be “Monica clean” (if you know, you know), you must not forget that washing your bras on a regular basis is important. Talk to your girls and ask any questions you may have regarding this, such as, what is the best way to wash delicate lingerie without causing them any damage? Or how often should you wash them?

To Co-ord or Not

Of course, there are no rule books for these things. You can choose a matching set or go for contrasting colours; it’s a very personal choice. But hey, a little discussion may give you an insight into a few interesting tips and tricks that may come handy while shopping?

Styling can be scintillating

Lingerie is more than just a part of your daily wear. It is an imperative part of your clothing that gives you the confidence to unleash the goddess in you! There is a whole world of delicate designs, ruffles and ribbons, corsets and cute embellishments waiting to be explored by women who want to connect with their bodies, not detach from it. So, don’t shy away from it, embrace it.

Here’s our little unsolicited advice to you - don’t let lingerie be your little secret anymore. Talk about it with your girls and celebrate your beautiful, sexy and bold side with women who truly get you. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most!