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Hottest Bottomwear To Keep You Cool This Summer!

Hottest Bottomwear To Keep You Cool This Summer!


This means, loads of harsh sunshine, humidity and sweat. God. So. Much. Sweat! Unfortunately, we can’t really control the soaring temperature outdoors, but we surely can do something about how we deal with it. Well, the first and the most important thing to do is to update your wardrobe.

Switch from tight jeans and leggings to shorts or joggers that are more comfortable, breathable and airy. The second thing is to buy a really good sunscreen, but you already know that! So, in this blog, we’ll only be discussing the former option and how you can beat the heat like a pro without breaking a sweat!


When it comes to summer wardrobe essentials, shorts are a no brainer. However, it is important to pick the right fabric. Always go for super combed cotton fabric that will absorb moisture and keep your skin from getting chaffed. It will also allow heat to escape and keep you cool all day long.

Besides, cotton is extremely breathable, versatile and comfortable. If you ask us, it’s quite literally the king of summer fabrics. Go for shorts with super combed cotton fabric and a comfortable waistband that’ll give you the freedom to rock your outfit all day long. Pair it with a simple cotton tee to complete the look.


Pick the right shade of joggers and you’re good to go. No kidding. They are easy breezy and a perfect choice for casual, sporty or streetwear styling. Made from soft and light fabric, they have cuffed hem for styling, underlined pockets and come in various colors.

All you really need is a simple V-neck or round-neck t-shirt to put the whole look together. Look effortlessly stylish in dark-colored joggers with side pockets as well as back pockets with a zipper that allows you to lock your personal belongings when you step out for a jog or grocery run.

Track Pants

Track pants are trending once again. And why not, when one simple garment can be used in so many ways? Plus, it guarantees to offer maximum comfort, style and functionality than any other clothing in your wardrobe. Wanna bet?

Mostly worn while working out or simply lounging at home, track pants can also transition into casual streetwear if styled correctly. Just team a simple grey track pant with your favourite tee and go around doing your business looking super stylish.


Capris are casual pants that hit around the midriff and have been in fashion for a really, really long time. They are an excellent wear for summers and are usually a hit among women who do not like wearing shorts. They are super versatile and can be styled with short or long tops.

Just make sure to pick the right fabric, most preferably cotton, with a soft elasticized waistband that will ensure you feel comfortable throughout the day. You can choose to go with something more feminine and floral or a simple textured pattern. Either way, comfort is guaranteed!


And the last one on the list, but definitely the first to cross a guy’s mind when he’s asked – “what your definition of comfort?” Bermudas come in multiple colors and prints and they are every man’s go-to in summers.

Designed to offer maximum comfort and breathability, this piece of clothing has been in the market for ages, inventing and re-inventing itself to fit the trend and style of the century. With so many options and prints to choose from, don’t forget what’s truly important while buying any item that you want to lounge or relax in – fabric.

Pick a Bermuda made from mercerized super combed cotton fabric with a soft elasticated waistband and preferably deep pockets.