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Live The City in Jockey

Live The City in Jockey

The world is healing and nature is finally breathing freely. This has allowed countries to open their borders, letting avid travellers explore endlessly. In the meanwhile, many nations have also dropped restrictions, giving people a chance to attend concerts, events and live a full life; filled with adventure and action.

And the timing couldn’t be better! After all, it’s summer! The sun is beaming outside, the birds are chirping gaily, the sidewalks are sprinkled with pink petals and green leaves, and the warm evenings always bring with them an opportunity to make wonderful memories.

So, what are you waiting for? A tip to help you put together summer-friendly outfits before you can act like a tourist in your own city or pack your backs and head out to explore the world? Well, we can surely help you with that. Let’s get started –

Exploring a new Café today?

There’s nothing better than a nice cold coffee on a warm summer evening. But, what would make this chilled drink look more aesthetic on your IG, is your OOTD! So, ditch your heavy clothes for some light and breathable shorts or Jockey jogger pants and team them up with a casual round neck t-shirt. This combination will give you an effortlessly chic look that you can dress up or down by adding accessories like sunglasses or a baseball cap.

You can also complete your look by wearing sneakers or loafers of your choice. And, there you go! You are all ready to take a few candid snaps that will definitely make your fans leave comments such as #OutfitGoals and #FavSummerStyles on your pictures.

Want to explore the city alone?

We all need a little solo time to rediscover our hidden passions. Won’t you agree? And, what better way to do that than by taking yourself out on a date or to explore a new place, even if it’s nestled just a few kilometres away. But remember to dress up in an outfit such as cotton shorts teamed with a polo neck t-shirt for women.

This is an ultimate combination that shouts effortless comfort and style. Plus, it can help you easily transition from exploring new places in the afternoon, under the hot sun, to chilling in a cool restaurant later and enjoying your favourite meal in the evening.

Catching up with old pals?

Summer is the best time to spend a few hours outdoors, especially in the evenings, just strolling around or catching up with your old mates. And the best part – you get to keep it all casual. So just get your hands on your favourite pair of shorts or mens joggers and team it with a round neck, printed cotton t-shirt and wrap a sweatshirt around your neck or waist, to keep yourself warm when the sun goes down.

The outfit will not only make you look cool but also keep you comfortable, if you change your plans and step out in the night to explore the city and make some wonderful new memories.