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Loungewear Trends That Will Be Big This Season

Loungewear Trends That Will Be Big This Season

Looking for a perfect combination of fashion and function? Pick loungewear! It is the hottest street style trend of the year that is here to rock the runaway & your wardrobe (if you give it a chance) for a long time. Fashion lovers, as well as professionals who have been spending more and more time at home, find themselves gravitating towards this trend that lets you chill on your couch all day, run errands or virtually hangout with your friends,

IN THE SAME CLOTHES. Please and thank you! It helps you feel relaxed, is crafted with the earth in mind, and makes you feel safe and comfortable in it, all day long. All of this and more has made loungewear a star trend of the year; twice in a row. Now, let’s take a quick look at five loungewear styles that are topping the trend, this season:

Cotton sweat shorts

Made with 100% super combed cotton fabric, these shorts have a soft elasticized waistband and straight fit that not only lets you breathe freely but also gives you a very chic overall look. Tbh, these un-sloppy pairs can be worn just about everywhere short of court dates, weddings & job interviews.

Tank Tops

Also known as sleeveless t-shirts, tank tops are the most versatile piece of clothing you’ll ever own. These tops definitely fall in the list of timeless pieces that will never, ever let you down. So, the next time you are shopping, add as many tanks tops as you like to your cart without a second thought.


What we call Joggers today, resemble the very popular baggy pants formerly known as parachute pants in the 90s. The only difference is that the ‘90s pants were baggier all around. This piece of clothing is quite literally the most comfortable and fashionable item that provides the comfort of sweatpants while still giving off an effortlessly cool look– it’s no wonder they are so popular today!

Track pants

The correct answer to the question “what is a track pant?” is always “it’s the best form of comfort wear to ever exist”. It’s like a struggling actor who made it big and is now dominating the industry with its versatility. Thanks to its breathable fabric, loose fit and minimalistic appearance, you can pair it with anything from a tank top to a t-shirt and look effortlessly stylish.


There’s something about slipping into a fresh, soft pyjamas that can prove to be an instant mood booster. Scientists haven’t been able to tell whether it’s the fabric or the prints that make us feel this way, but they do recommend we try the ‘PJ technique’ every alternate day! Jokes aside,

PJ’s are literally the king of the loungewear trend and have been ruling this kingdom for many years now. Besides, given the situation we’re all in right now, we suggest you pick some really good pyjamas right away!

And… after reading this whole blog, if you still think there’s no such thing as a loungewear “trend”, may we recommend you watch The Devil Wears Prada just one more time and listen to Miranda Priestly?