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These 5 colours from Jockey are a must-have in 2022

These 5 colours from Jockey are a must-have in 2022

If we were to ask you – “How do you define your personal style?” Would you say you’re a lazy, laid-back dresser or always up-to-date with the current trends, or somewhere in between? Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter how you place yourself as a stylist, so long as you know how to nail the perfect colours.

Acing the perfect hue can completely change the vibe of even a basic outfit like the T-shirt-denim combo, an ordinary dress or any other look and to achieve this you can always play it safe and reach out for your favourite colours, pair it right or you can keep an eye out on what’s trending. This will inspire and motivate you to keep experimenting with your style.

Hence, in this blog we’re bringing to you all the hottest colours of the season that you can add to your wardrobe. Let’s take a look -


One of the top trending hues of 2022, is Guacamole. It’s rich! It’s bold! It’s playful! It’s pretty! Green, the colour of nature, is quite unique and energetic. The colour green is also associated with growth, hope and prosperity. So, take this as your sign to welcome all the positive vibes and introduce this shade that ruled the runway, to your closet right away.

Here are a few style options from Jockey that you may love –

Primary Blue

The shade primary blue is the next big hit of the season! So, like many of us, if this is your favourite colour too, do not think twice before investing in it.

Besides, with a colour like this, you can never go wrong, as you can easily layer them with any formal or casual outerwear, such as hoodies, jacket or blazer, of your choice. Check out some amazing round neck t-shirt, polo t-shirt, tank tops and sweatshirts for women and men available at Jockey.

Radiant Yellow

It’s time to twin with the Sun! So, bring out the brightest yellow outfit from your closet and shine on because yellow is in, y’all! Besides, this colour is so cheerful, it’s bound to lift your spirits & make for a perfect summer look. Having said that, check out these Jockey t-shirts for women & men.

Hot Orange

Forget pastels and nudes, this season go all out in bright, young and stunning hues like hot orange that radiates happiness. And who doesn’t want to be happy, right? Team this colour with blue or black and see those heads turn; more than once. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like the attention, but loves the colour anyway, you can and add this stunning number to your innerwear wardrobe too. Some of our current favourite options from Jockey are-

Very Peri

While Pantone had announced that in 2022, we’ll be seeing a lot of Very Peri, unfortunately, we didn’t see the exact shade in the spotlight. However, similar muted shades of purple were spotted on the runways. Some of which can be found at Jockey too –

So c’mon, tell us, which one’s going to be ‘your colour’ for the season?