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Towels by Jockey

Wrap yourself in comfort

Towels are one of the most important accessory in any household, they have countless purposes when it comes to Indian household. A good towel is not just a necessity but a lifestyle choice. Stepping out of a bath you would want to wrap yourself is comfort, and that’s what Jockey India provides you. Towels that are comfortable, cozy, and absorbent. With colours to accentuate your bathroom décor and comfort to enhance your bathing experience, Jockey towels does it all.

A good towel is the one which feels soft on your skin, and absorbs quickly and dries off quickly. Jockey’s collection of towels are made of cotton, as cotton is known to absorb and dry quickly, our collection of towels offer you comfort and warm cozy feeling right off the bath. With colours to match your bathroom décor, get your hands on our collection of towels.

Types of towels:

Nothing feels better than the feeling of warm clothes on your skin, Jockey has different sizes of towels for different situations.

Bath Towels: These are the large size towels that are used to wrap yourself after a long comfortable baths, they absorb moisture quickly to keep you dry.

Face Towels: These are mid-size towels that are specifically used to dry your face after every wash.

Hand Towels: These are the small towels that are usually hung near the sink to keep your hands dry after every wash.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to look in a towel when buying?

    -When looking for a towel to buy, you need to consider the following, longevity- you will have to see if the towel is durable enough; absorbency- how quickly the towels absorbs moisture; fabric- the right fabric absorbs quickly and dries of quickly.
  • What’s the best towel for me?

    -The best towel would be the one which is smooth on your skin, which absorbs more and dries quickly. Explore our collection of towels and choose the one best suited your home needs.
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