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T-Shirt Bras for Women by Jockey


A bra is one of the most important innerwear that a woman needs and if one is looking for a perfect t-shirt bra to wear under fitting tops that will not show the seams, then Jockey collection of bras is what one needs to look for to feel confident and stylish.

Jockey’s women's innerwear portfolio has a bra that is the perfect mix of comfort, and style and is made of premium fabric that absorbs sweat and allows the skin to breathe. We have t-shirt bra for women of various types like multiple styling straps, adjustable straps, and padded and non-padded bras to offer for you to pick as desired. Our tshirt bra also comes in vibrant hues and fashionable prints. Login to our website jockey.in to explore our collection and know the t shirt bra price we have in multiple ranges to fit everyone’s pockets.

Fabric Used

Super Combed Cotton: Jockey bra are made with the process of combing the cotton fabric where shorter fibers and impurities are removed. Combing once makes it ‘Combed Cotton’ and twice makes it ‘Super Combed Cotton’ making it a perfect choice of fabric for t-shirt bra for women.

Cotton Elastane Stretch/Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fiber with exceptional elasticity (stretch) and blending this fiber with cotton makes the fabric stretch or even return to the original form giving us the stretchy, comfortable, right-fit seamless t shirt bra. This provides the product with a grip to hold onto. Lycra is a brand of Elastane Stretch fabric.

Microfiber: Microfibers are typically made from synthetic materials like polyester or nylon blend and are very fine with a diameter that is one-third of a cotton fiber. Jockey t shirt bra is highly absorbent, and lint-free and is best used in tshirt bra.

Spacer fabric: These are warp-knitted two-face fabrics that are interlinked by spacer filament to provide space for air permeability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a t-shirt bra?

    -Tshirt braa are the type of innerwear that one wears beneath a fitted t-shirt to avoid seams being visible on the t-shirt giving a smooth finish to the t-shirt. Most t shirt bra for women have a molded cup to give an appearance of being seamless, making it ideal for fitted clothing.
  • Can t-shirts bras be used for daily purpose?

    -T-shirt bras are a wonderful pick for daily wear provided one is comfortable in them. Jockey tshirt bra are lightly padded and offer a comfortable fit and support. You can explore our collection of padded t shirt bra on jockey.in to confidently wear that fitted tshirt.
  • Whats defines the best t-shirt bra?

    -T-shirts bra come of various types depending on are of various types based on the padding, coverage, and support. They can be broadly categorized as lightly padded t shirt bra, non padded t shirt bra, t shirt bra for a teenager, low coverage, medium coverage, high coverage, and full coverage t shirt bra, wired and non-wired bra.


    We recommend you to look for wear beneath your t shirt, a jockey bra that comes in all sizes, colors, shades, and fashionable prints. Explore our collection of t-shirts bra and choose the one in which you would be most confident in.


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