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Bras for women by Jockey

Bras before Bros

Bras are the most essential piece of clothing in a women’s closet. The right bra is the perfect mix of comfort and fashion, it promotes health in the long run. The right bra can be your confidante and can boost your confidence. And we at Jockey expertise in providing what’s best for you. Combining the best of fabrics, styles, fit and colors. Jockey’s portfolio has a wide range of bras which caters to the need of a teenage to a grown women. From every day bra to Active bra, form padded to non-padded, from sleep bra to your strapless bra, we have it all. Before deep diving into our portfolio lets understand the product.

Know Your Bra

Back Wings: Back wings are the strips of fabric that extend from the outer base of the cups, around the wearer’s sides, and latch in the back. They provide support and help prevent bulges and folds at the back and side.

Underwire: A thin, flexible wire that is curved to offer additional support to the bra cups. The underwire are typically encased in soft fabric to make them more comfortable to wear.

Adjustable Straps: Most of the bras allow one to loosen or tighten the straps for the best fit. A clasp is built into each strap, so it can be moved up or down, shortening or lengthening the strap.

Hook & Eye Closure: Most back close bras use a hook & eye fastener. There is a set of tiny wire hooks down one side of the bra opening and a corresponding set of tiny wire eyes (or loops) down the other side of the opening. The hooks fit securely into the eyes. Often there is more than one row of eyes, to help adjust the fit as required.

Under-bust Band: Most wire-free bras and some underwire bras have a band that goes across the front of the bra under the cups. This band provides additional support and uplift to the bra and may hold it in place more securely.

Cups: Bra cups consist of the fabric that covers and supports one’s breasts. Cups may be cut and sewn with multiple pieces seamed together or they can be produced seamless (made of just one piece). Cups may be padded or nonpadded.

Types of Cups

Molded Bra Cup: A molded cup is seamless and has a pre-formed breast shape molded into the cups fabric.

Lined Bra Cups: Lined cups provide additional support and added opaqueness to the bra cup.

Seamed Bra Cup: A seamed cup bra has a cup made with 2 or more fabric pieces. Seams on a cup allow more variations in cup shapes. Seamed cups (especially 3 section cups) are preferred for more support.

Padded Bras / Padded Cups: A padded bra cup has some sort of padding in the bra cups. This is often referenced as fiber-fill in the cups. This padding adds both size and definition to give more size and a proportioned look to smaller bust lines. All padded bras have some sort of extra thickness added to the cups.

Push-up Bra / Push-up Cups: Push-up cups enhance a woman’s bust line by creating cleavage and the look of fuller breasts. With the help of padding that is hidden inside the bra, the push up bra will help push breasts in the upward direction to an appropriate level. Designed primarily for women with C cups or smaller, the push-up cups are often shaped like a demi cup with significant padding at the bottom of the cups.

Types of Bras

Push-up Bra: Great for extra lift and structure, the push up bra accentuates one’s cleavage. Suitable for breast shapes: Side to Side/Tear drop/Round/east-west.

T-shirt Bra: Seamless around the edges with molded cups, this bra is perfect to be worn under one’s favorite tee. If padded, it helps enhance cleavage and bust size. Suitable for breast shapes: Round/Tear Drop/Side Set/East-West.

Cami Bra: Cropped version of camisole with under-band finish, this bra is suitable for small anddeveloping breast sizes.

Non-padded Bra: Classic and practical, the non-padded bra embraces one’s natural shape. The cups can be cup and sew or molded and made with or without under-wire.

Underwire Bra: Built for endurance, the underwire features a semi-circle wiring to lift higher, separate and shape the breasts. Suitable for larger breasts which are heavier and require additional support.

Strapless Bra: Someone who wants to expose the shoulder can go for this style. The component silicon elastic used in neck and armhole helps stick to body.

Shaper Bra: Made with special and multi-layer of fabric at the sides of the cup, it helps to give and retain the side shape of the breast. Suitable for breast shapes: Side to Side/Tear Drop/Round/East West.

Crossover Bra: It is a wire-free design that creates an “x” in the center front to provide gentle shaping and support of the breasts.

Beginner’s Bra: A beginner’s bra is a lightweight brassiere designed for girls who have begun to develop breasts. It’s mostly available in smaller sizes.

Plunge Bra: A plunge bra has cups that are very low in the center with a deep V-neckline. This type of bra is a must-have for low cut tops that would show the top of a regular bra. The shape of the cup will push the breasts together and upwards for maximum cleavage in the most natural way.

Multi-way Bra: This bra easily changes into a criss-cross, halter etc. by swapping the hooks and straps.

Active Bras:

This is can be used for all types of breasts. This product is preferred for more active or yoga usage. It’s available in Low impact/Medium impact/High impact options.

Low impact: It can be used for Walking/Yoga

Medium impact: It can be used for Walking/Yoga/Gym

High Impact: Jogging / Running / Athletic sports / Gym / Zumba

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I wear a bra?

    -It is very important for every female to wear a bra because it helps in the health of your breasts in the long run, it provides comfort and retains the shape of the breasts.
  • Which is the best bra?

    -The best bra is the one that’s you are comfortable in. And it depends from person to person. We at Jockey offer various bras for all your needs. All our bras provide you comfort and satisfy your needs. A bra is important to maintain posture, breast health and to provide comfort.
  • How often should I replace a bra?

    -You can replace bra when they are worn out or when the size of the breast changes. Ideally bras can be used as long as 6 months if they are in proper condition, but if you use it regularly it might get worn out easily.
  • What’s the difference between wired and non-wired bra?

    -A wired bra, has wire under the cups or bust to boost and provide shape to the breast. A non-wired bra has no wire, therefore letting breast take their natural form and provide adequate space for the breasts.

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