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Men Innerwear

Innerwear for Men by Jockey

Style Meets Comfort!

Men’s fashion is primarily comfort and then style. And for any menswear to be comfortable, it is important to wear proper innerwear. Often the wrong choice of innerwear for men entails a lot of fidgeting and discomfort. We at Jockey are here to make men’s innerwear all about the right fit and comfort!

Jockey offers a wide range of innerwear for men suiting different occasions at affordable prices. Made with style and comfort in mind, Jockey’s underwear men range has a variety of designs, patterns, and colors that provide a snug fit, making us one of the best underwear brand for men.

We believe inner confidence comes from a redefined range of men’s innerwear at Jockey. We have a versatile collection in the under garments for men category, from briefs to boxers. Be it innerwear appropriate for lounging or a high-intensity workout, we have something for everyone!

Briefs - Briefs are an antithesis to boxers; they’re often characterized by tightness. Boxers come with an elastic band and render proper support in the crotch area. If you’re looking for briefs for men for day-to-day wear, opt for cotton briefs for extreme comfort and style.

Trunks - With a tight waistband, trunks are a fitter alternative to boxer briefs; while trunks are similar to boxer briefs, they have shorter legs and a square-cut silhouette. These are usually body-hugging in fit and can be worn comfortably under anything.

Boxer Briefs - Boxer briefs take inspiration from the loose boxing shorts worn by professional boxers. Boxer briefs are super comfortable and airy. They don’t have elasticized openings for the legs that stay close to your skin. Boxer briefs by Jockey are quite versatile and go well with pants, jeans, and workout clothes as well.

Inner Boxers - Ideal for a laid-back weekend or as the perfect lowers for you to slip in after a hard day’s work. Inner boxers are a wardrobe essential, and our inner boxers are made of premium fabric with smart checks and ample ventilation.

Get your hands on the best underwear for men in India with our wide range of best innerwear for men for the utmost comfort, style, and versatility to buy innerwear online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the underwear not the right size?

    There are certain indicators that let the wearer know when the gents underwear is not the right size. If the elastic band is loose or moves when you bend or squat, it indicates that the underwear is big for you. If the under wear sticks to your skin uncomfortably, rides up to your thighs, and restricts your movement, the size is small for you.

    Nothing is worse than wearing underpants for men that makes you feel cramped and uncomfortable, so opt for the right fit and right size.

  • How do I choose the best underwear for men?

    Choosing the best underwear for men in India is no rocket science, and it is all the easier when men’s underwear is shopped by Jockey. Analyze the underwear price before choosing the best one.

    Gents undergarments should fit snugly and not be tight around the waist and thighs. There must be enough breathing room in the crotch, making you feel comfortable, not compressed.

    Not choosing the right gents inner wear can lead to rashes, skin irritation, and general discomfort that often becomes an uncomfortable adjustment visible to those around you.

  • What is better, boxer briefs or trunks?

    Trunks provide a slimmer look for men with a slim build, but they are not the most functional choice in mens innerwear online. Boxers, on the other hand, are the optimal choice of underwear for most activities as the longer leg of boxers prevents chafing, sliding, and irritation.
  • What should I wear over my boxers?

    Boxers are innerwear men that render ventilation and space for utmost comfort. You can wear jeans, pants, or even khakis over your boxers.

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