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Briefs for Men by Jockey

Support, comfort and much more

The briefs are man’s constant when it comes to his collection of underwear. Offering great comfort and support, why wouldn’t they be? For a man choosing the right underwear goes a long way, it’s not just about the comfort and fit, right choice of underwear brings out the confidence and makes you feel good both inside and out. Briefs for men has become a staple in his wardrobe because of the versatility, comfort and support they offer.

From basic colors like black, white and navy, to vibrant hues and fashionable prints, Jockey has got all types of briefs for men. Gone are the days where these underwear were just considered as an essential, the time has come where they are considered as a fashion statement. We have collections offering both mid raise and low raise waist, and collection specific to your athletic and sporting needs.

Jockey briefs for men are made from premium fabric that elucidates comfort and confidence. Our expertise and innovation bring you technology such as MoistureMove, StayFresh and StayDry that helps in keeping you fresh and dry throughout the day. Get your hands on our collection of Jockey briefs!

Jockey briefs for men have been available in India since 1994.

Fabric Used

Super Combed Cotton: The process of combing the cotton fabric gets rid of shorter fibres and impurities making it compact, finer and stronger. Combing once makes it ‘Combed Cotton’ and twice makes it ‘Super Combed Cotton’.

Cotton Elastane Stretch / Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fibre with exceptional elasticity (stretch). Blending this fibre with cotton makes the fabric stretch and revert to its original form (very similar to a rubber band). This provides the product with grip to hold on to the body while remaining extremely comfortable. Lycra is a brand of Elastane Stretch fabric.

Mercerized Cotton: Mercerization is a process of treating cotton fabric with alkali chemical. This increases the lusture and softness, gives greater strength, and improves the fabric’s colour.

Pima Cotton / Supima Cotton: Pima cotton is a premium variant of cotton. When compared to cotton, Pima cotton is much softer on the skin. It is also more absorbent than regular cotton and helps in wickingmoisture/sweat. It is also a very durable fabric. Supima is a brand of pima cotton fabric.

Modal / Micro Modal : Modal is a premium cellulosic fibre made out of beech tree. Modal fibre is strong, resilient, and has minimal shrinkage. It keeps colour bright and has silky hand feel. Micro Modal is finer form of Modal.

Tencel : Lyocell is a premium, eco-friendly fabric developed from wood pulp. The fabric is lightweight, moisture absorbent, silky feel and has a natural anti-bacterial properties. Tencel is brand name of Lyocell.

Tactel : is a specialty premium fibre with a very soft feel and brilliant appearance. It is stronger/tougher than most fabrics and has natural properties of breathability and quick dry.

Special features that we provide for the products

Moisture Move- Moisture Move treatment to wick sweat away from the body.

StayDry- StayDry treatment with additional evaporation properties to help you StayDry throughout the day

StayFresh- StayFresh treatment with antimicrobial properties to help you StayFresh throughout the day

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What lowers to wear over a briefs for men?

    Any slim pants or jeans are ideal to wear over a briefs, this is because of the fit and style of the briefs. Jockey briefs are designed to provide utmost comfort & with best in class fabric used to create the same. The choice of a brief , trunk or boxer brief is solely as per personal preference of the user. Jockey proves the best briefs for men globally.
  • Is briefs for men good for working out?

    The support and fit that briefs offer are good for low to medium intensity workouts. With technologies such as StayFresh, StayDry in our briefs, you will find it easier and more comfortable while working out in our briefs.
  • Are briefs healthy for sleeping in?

    Briefs are form fitting underwear, they offer you great support. It depends on what the wearer wants if its ventilation and space then boxers are good to sleep in, otherwise briefs are good for sleeping in if the wearer is comfortable in it. Mens briefs over time have advanced in terms design , innovation & usage of fabric which makes for long lasting comfort 24*7.
  • Where can I buy Jockey briefs for men online?

    BJockey briefs for men can be bought online on

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