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SPORTS Bras for Women by Jockey

Everybody wants to have a fit body; today, being fitness enthusiast means you work out regularly in a week, be it zumba, yoga, walking or hitting the gym. And working out means you need to take care of your body, it is vital that the body is supported by the right clothing. So Sports Bra should be part and parcel in your wardrobe.

A good sports bra doesn’t just offer support but also reduces the effect of gravity and helps in retaining the shape. It also restricts the movement of breasts during workouts. There are few advantages of wearing a sports bra while working out, firstly, it reduces the movement when compared to a normal bra, and this reduces the pain. Secondly, it’s the comfort that it offers when compared to a regular bra for working out. It minimizes the effect of gravity. This ensures that the breasts don’t sag and retains its shape. It is essential to buy bras based on your performance, if you are a person who does moderate physical activity, then choose our medium impact bra, if you do walking or yoga choose our low impact bras.

A good sports bra is not just about just holding the breast in its place it is also about the fabric, fit, and comfort. Jockey offers you a wide range of sports bra for your choosing! With different back styling options to different cup needs, we have got the basics covered. Dive in to our collection of sports bra and choose the one that fits your need.

Fabric Used:

Super Combed Cotton: The process of combing the cotton fabric gets rid of shorter fibres and impurities making it compact, finer and stronger. Combing once makes it ‘Combed Cotton’ and twice makes it ‘Super Combed Cotton’

Cotton Elastane Stretch / Cotton Lycra Stretch: Elastane is a synthetic fibre with exceptional elasticity (stretch). Blending this fibre with cotton makes the fabric stretch and revert to its original form (very similar to a rubber band). This provides the product with grip to hold on to the body while remaining extremely comfortable. Lycra is a brand of Elastane Stretch fabric.

Tactel: Is a specialty premium fibre with a very soft feel and brilliant appearance. It is stronger / tougher than most fabrics and has natural properties of breathability and quick dry.

Special features that we provide for the products

Moisture Move- Moisture Move treatment to wick sweat away from the body.

StayDry- Stay Dry treatment with additional evaporation properties to help you stay dry throughout the day.

StayFresh- Stay Fresh treatment with antimicrobial properties to help you stay fresh throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sports bra should I use for the gym?

    -It all depends on the frequency and intensity of the workout you do. If you are an enthusiast, high or medium impact bra would be best for you. If you use the gym rarely or do low intensity workout a low impact bra should be best for you.
  • Is it good to use sports bra for regular use?

    -If you are comfortable wearing a sports bra then it’s okay to use it as regular bra. A sports bra is designed to hold the breast while doing workout so it would be tight. In the end it all depends on your personal comfort.
  • Which sports bra should I use for running?

    -Ideally for running we would recommend the high impact sports bra, because running is strenuous activity, to retain the breasts shape you will need a bra which offers good support.
  • How to choose a sports bra?

    -You should choose a sports bra based on the activity. If it’s a high intensity activity like jogging, running, athletic sports, zumba and gym we would recommend a high impact bra because performing these activities will cause a lot of strain to the breast. For activities like walking, yoga and less strenuous gym work outs we would recommend medium impact. For simple and less intensity yoga and walking we would recommend the low impact bras.
  • How long can I wear sports bra?

    -A sports bra is designed to be used only during the work out because of the snug and tight fit, but of you are comfortable wearing it, you can wear them however long you want to.

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