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3 Essential Fashion Accessories to Upgrade Any Outfit

3 Essential Fashion Accessories to Upgrade Any Outfit

When purchasing an outfit, do you often think about how you could accessorize it to upgrade your entire look? No? Well, guess what? You must! Accessories can make even the most basic outfit look glam and add new energy to old trends.

Accessorizing, is one of the best ways to spice up your style, especially if you like the minimalistic approach. Moreover, fashion accessories can serve practical functions and complement the rest of the outfit, as well as add unique finishing touches.

Some of the must-have and reliable accessories that can take your outfit from good to great are:


Practical and good-looking, caps have once again become trendy, all thanks to the rise of athleisure fashion. Now more widely accepted than ever before, this sportswear staple, when styled correctly, can instantly take your OOTD up a notch. And the best part is that your cap doesn’t need to be fancy or glamorous. Just pick a high-quality product in a colour you can team with any of your outfits, throw some shades on and you’re good to go.


Socks are often overlooked and under-appreciated until you have to team them with smart casuals or formal wear, right? So why not be more mindful from the start and buy socks for men or women that lets you add newness to your outfits? That’s right!

Socks have a greater power to make or break your sartorial game, so before you pick your next pair, try playing with prints, patterns and trends to find your new “solemate.”

Note: Along with unique designs, also make sure to check for material composition, choose cotton, spandex and nylon, stretchability and texture so you can enjoy slipping into them day after day, and experience unconditional comfort.


There was a time when carrying a cotton handkerchief was as common as carrying, say, for example, a mobile phone, now. However, over the years, this handy accessory stuck around with just a few gentlemen and women who not only used it frequently but also fashioned it in many unique ways such as a pocket square, neck scarf or bandanna; making it more cool, timeless and trendy, and also attracting a larger crowd.

Pro tip: before you rush to get your hands on this amazing, multi-purpose accessory that even Robert De Niro approves of (remember the movie The Intern?), make sure to check for fabric, quality and size as they make a huge difference. Always pick genuine and super combed cotton handkerchiefs that are treated with StayFresh Technology that can help you stay fresh and clean all day long. There’s a lot of room to experiment and play with accessories and you can definitely add or remove things from your “must-have” list. But the above-mentioned are some essential pieces that are guaranteed to stay timeless and oh-so-cool for many years to come. So go ahead and make every outfit a HIT!