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5 Bra myths you need to stop believing

5 Bra myths you need to stop believing

Bras are one of the most basic and important pieces of clothing found in every woman’s wardrobe. Yet, for centuries now, countless myths have been swirling around them.

Hence, we at Jockey, have decided to explode some very popular myths about bras right now. These wrong ideas have been floating around for way too long and it’s time to debunk them, so you can separate the facts from fiction and make an informed decision.

So, let’s get started –

Myth – Bra straps can cause back pain

Fact – If your bra straps are causing any discomfort, it’s either due to over-tightening of the straps or you may be wearing the wrong bra size. Hence, it is best to check your size every six months. Wearing the right bra size will not only let your body be at ease but also encourage you to discover more options, as well as let you enjoy wearing your lingerie with confidence.

Myth – One bra can be used for all purposes

Fact – We all wish this was true, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t! Every activity requires a specific bra that’s designed to cater to that specific requirement. For example, a T-shirt bra is a great option to sport on a regular basis, however, you cannot wear it to the gym and expect it to give you the same results.

The same goes for a Lounge bra that is tailored to offer light support and unrestricted movements but you cannot replace it with an Everyday bra that’s constructed to offer extra support and comfort for women on the go.

Myth – Bra size doesn’t change after a certain age

Fact – This is a very popular myth that has been floating around for years. But that’s all it truly is – A Myth! Right after a woman hits puberty, her body continues to change for many years after. This can be due to several reasons such as pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, hormonal issues, etc. To put it simply, just as your likes, dislikes and perspective keeps changing over time, so does your body.

Therefore, it is important to check your bra size every six months to ensure you are giving your body the freedom and comfort it deserves. To know your true bra size, just go to our website and click on the Bra Fitting Guide.

Myth – Your bra should be loose fitting.

Fact –Ladies, if your bras are loose, they are really not doing the one job they are tailored for. A well-fitted bra should not be loose from anywhere. This means that the band, cups, and straps should hug you snugly. It should not be either too loose or too tight, it should be just right!

Myth – Underwired bras can cause health issues

Fact – This is one of the biggest lies that has been floating around for so long now that many believe it to be a hard fact. However, it is far from the truth. Underwired bras in no way cause any health issues. In fact, it is a great option to consider for women with heavier busts as you get additional support from the underwire. There, another myth busted!

Ladies, you don’t need to be a lingerie expert to know what your bra can and cannot do. So, explore your options and find your truth before you take a backseat. After all, this is the age of digital revolution and new-age innovations. Here, myths cannot hide!