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5 fun facts about socks that will blow you off your feet!

5 fun facts about socks that will blow you off your feet!

Winter is officially here!

With the temperatures dropping outside, we’re sure most of you must have pulled out your favourite sweaters and stocked your wardrobes with the warmest and cosiest thermals. But, wait! Are you forgetting something? What about the humble socks?

Did you know that socks have been a part of our outfits for over two thousand years? Yet, it’s usually the last thing we remember.

Similarly, there are a few more interesting insights we’re sure you’d love to read about. So, before you go and sort your sock drawer for the season, here are some extraordinary facts that will surely knock your socks off and serve as a great conversation starter too!

Romans gave us the statues & socks

Well, the Romans gave us great buildings, roads and even the calendar, but did you know they were the first to introduce the world to socks? In fact, the term “sock” comes from the Latin word “soccus”, which means a loose-fitting slipper worn by Roman comedy actors.

The “soccus” had no buckles or ties and soon became popular with the general public, who loved what they saw on stage. This started the very popular trend of wearing socks with sandals, which many still love but others consider a sartorial crime. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Socks can help you sleep better

Experts believe that wearing warm and fuzzy socks when you turn in for the night can help you get a good night’s rest.

It is said that your socks encourage healthy blood flow to your feet and stop eratures dropping down like it is right now, there’s no harm in giving it a try, right?

There’s a clock in your sock

A clock! Yes, you heard that right! The area on your sock just around the ankle from where a pattern runs up the side of your leg is called the clock. The term became popular because the stitched pattern on the sock resembles the hands of a clock when seen from a distance. Interesting, innit?

Did you know about the ‘Sock City'

Datang, in China, has become popular as the ‘Sock City’. Located in eastern China, this town is known to produce roughly 40% of the world’s socks annually.

This means that it produces enough to provide you, me, and the people around the world with at least two pairs each. That’s a lot of socks!

There’s a ‘Lost Sock Memorial Day’If you are someone who keeps losing your sock in the washer or dryer and always end up mixing and matching your socks, this one’s for you! Lost Sock Memorial Day is celebrated on the 9th of May annually, which gives people everywhere a chance to wear their personality on their…feet! So, skip the snooze fest and bring out the bright, most quirky oddballs to the show.

Want some new socks?

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