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5 Important Tips For Choosing the right T-Shirt

5 Important Tips For Choosing the right T-Shirt

Hey, here’s a question for you! Do you know a single person in the world who can claim to have never worn a t-shirt? We bet the answer is no.

After all, t-shirts are the most versatile garment. It serves as a blank canvas to both the wearer and the designer who can showcase their personality, ideology and style, without saying a single word. How cool is that?

From classic polos to colourful graphic tees with cool designs & prints, t-shirts for men have been a staple in every individual’s wardrobe (men, women, or kids) for centuries. However, very few people put any thought before purchasing one. If you want to be comfortable, look stylish and get your money’s worth, here are a few things to make a note of, before investing in the right high-quality t-shirt –

Examine the material & fabric

It is highly recommended to purchase t-shirts that are crafted from cotton, for everyday wear. This is mainly because natural fabrics like cotton allow your body to breathe, are durable, comfortable, and easy to take care for.

Go the extra mile and look for super combed cotton-rich fabric, simply because it is known to be remarkably softer, stronger, and longer-lasting as compared to conventional cotton.

Note: Remember to consider the function of your t-shirt, then choose the fabric accordingly. If you intend to purchase a t-shirt for your workout, you can select t-shirts for women and men that are made of two fabric blends, such as cotton and polyester. Polyester fabric is used largely in training gear due to its many great properties including breathability, durability & wrinkle resistance. Moreover, it is also lightweight, UV repellent and offers moisture-wicking and antimicrobial benefits.

If you are looking for such high-quality tees, you can check out some amazing styles like IM21, MV15, AM50, on our website.

Double-check the size chart

When it comes to selecting the right size, always lead the search with comfort on your mind. If you are comfortable with a certain number, dive right in. However, for those who are not so sure, do not hesitate to try on a couple of different sizes to know which one fits you perfectly. If you are shopping online, make sure to check the size chart carefully.

Now, remember, it is inevitable for a t-shirt to stretch over time. So, always select the one that is tailored to give you a slim fit or is on the smaller side. After a few washes, a larger t-shirt tends to appear boxier or baggy. If you are buying a t-shirt for workout, ensure you select a size that offers breathability and doesn’t restrict movement.

Check the overall fit

A t-shirt’s ‘fit’ and ‘size’ are two different things. Once you have figured out your size, it is time to ensure you are buying the right ‘fit’ for your body type. For example, if you are someone with a long waist, you might want to put your money on a longer hemmed t-shirt. Don’t worry it is not as confusing as it sounds. Mostly because t-shirts usually have labels that describe the fit of the product. The terminology may vary slightly for one brand to another, but a basic guideline would be:

1. Slim fit – recommended for people with a petite frame

2. Regular fit – A basic design that fits almost everyone

Pay attention to the seam & stitching

While it’s important to closely monitor the print, colour and style, do not forget to inspect the seams and stitching too; after all, they are what keeps your t-shirt together. If you want to enjoy your purchase for a longer duration, look closely at the seams running down the side of the t-shirt, around the sleeves and along the shoulders too. If it looks strong and well-stitched, it’s worth an investment.

High cost does not mean high quality

This is something we only learn over time and with experience. However, we’re here to tell you that any t-shirt, no matter the price or brand name, will show signs of aging after a few washes. Therefore, it is wise to put your money towards high-quality t-shirts that are designed with good fabric & tailored to suit your style, and most importantly, your budget.

Check for labels

Here’s a bonus tip for you: It is always best to go for label free t-shirts. Labels are often seen as unwanted piece of material that will irritate your skin or cause rashes, especially when they are tailored to your workout clothing. Every piece of clothing by Jockey are kept label free; details are printed directly on the inside of the tee, so that the tag/label doesn’t come in the way of your comfort! Now, this may not be top on list, when you are looking for high-quality tees, but it’

So, there you go! Follow these amazing tips and you’ll see, buying a high-quality t-shirt will no longer feel like a chore. Happy shopping!

Before you go, here’s a link if you want to dive right in and begin your quest right away!