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A brief history of men’s underwear

A brief history of men’s underwear

Men, you probably can’t imagine your life without your modern underwear today, right? But, did you know that this important piece of clothing in your wardrobe can be traced all the way back to 5400 BC? We are sure that the first man who decided to wear this kind of protection would have never imagined that someday this product would become a billion-dollar industry that would go on to focus exclusively on style, comfort, and gender appeal.

From the lion cloth and braies to codpieces and loose pantaloons, men’s bottomwear and innerwear styles kept evolving. In the late 1800s, different kinds of men’s underwear popped up, including union suits that had connecting vests with drawers, long johns that were long wool drawers for the winter, and shorter cotton drawers with front buttons.

Over the years, styles of pants changed, and so did the styles of undergarments beneath them. From loose to tight pants, normal to low to high waists, and buttons to zipper openings, today, men wear many different styles, which calls for many different underwear options as well. Some common designs that still exist today include boxer and Jockey shorts from the 1930s, and briefs and mini-briefs introduced in the 1970s.

Now, if you are still wearing the same style of underwear for years, men, let history be proof that style keeps evolving and every age brings you the best options to choose from. So, don’t wait any longer! Here are a few styles from Jockey that you must check out –


Briefs for men have been in the market for a long time. They are super comfortable, offer more support and can be worn under any outfit of your choice. Most men consider them as their go-to underwear and like to purchase them instead of searching for more options. Today, briefs are available in more styles, colours, designs and technologically advanced fabric that not only fits great and keeps everything in place, but also helps you stay fresh all day long.

Boxer briefs

If you are a man who loves more freedom, breathability and comfort, boxer briefs are perfect for you. Designed to offer the same support as briefs, boxer briefs have slowly climbed the popularity chart and made a prominent place for itself. They are great to exercise in as they are engineered to provide freedom of movement, great airflow and protection from chafing, without being too restricting. Plus, you can easily team them with trousers, jeans, shorts and even gym wear as they are engineered to prevent ride up and also tailored with internal mesh pouch for added breathability.


Trunks are crafted for the modern man who loves to stay on top of every trend. Made from high-quality fabric, this innerwear style is perfect for creating a sleek, stylish look from the inside out. These incredibly soft innerwear can easily be paired with jeans, trousers and even performance bottom wear styles as they offer a seamless look and give you the freedom to move freely, without any restrictions. Over the years, trunks have become a very popular choice among men who do not like to compromise on comfort or style.

Inner boxer

If you are a man who loves more freedom, breathability, and comfort, then inner boxers are perfect for you. Featuring some subtle prints and a basic base colour that anyone will instantly love, Jockey inner boxers are crafted from premium fabric that can be easily paired with vests as loungewear or even underneath your favourite pair of baggy jeans and pyjamas.

Today, men’s underwear has evolved and become something more than just a fabric used for protection. It is now often worn to achieve excellent comfort, support, breathability and of course, maximum style.