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A stunning line of lingerie from Jockey Woman that deserves your attention!

A stunning line of lingerie from Jockey Woman that deserves your attention!

When you think of lingerie, what’s the first word that crosses your mind? Is it - sensual, stylish or sexy? Well, let us tell you that lingerie is so much more than that.

Of course, stylish or delicate lingerie is a subtype. But, when it comes to innerwear for women there are so many other categories that deserve a spot in your wardrobe. On top of that list are daily wear products that are designed to offer support, comfort and style, all in one.

If you are thinking – “is that even possible?” Let us tell you that it is definitely possible with Jockey Woman. It is a brand that makes you feel confident & feminine, but also provides the right support and structure. Plus, it also offers a range of stunning panties and ladies bras that allow you to have a collection you’ll love to slip in, every day.

Lace Back Bra

Heading out to celebrate something special and want to nail that glamorous look? We’ve got you, girl! Check out this front-open Underwired Padded T-Shirt Bra that comes with lace back styling. Designed to let you make a dazzling entry, while keeping you super comfortable and supported, this bra is for all the queens out there, who only deserve the best!

Active Bra

If you love a good workout but hate the uncomfortable bounce and sweating that accompanies the whole process, then look no further because Jockey Woman’s got you covered. Crafted with technologically advanced fabric that helps you stay fresh and dry while exercising, this sports bra is nothing short of extraordinary. Tailored with breathable mesh for enhanced cooling and designed with racerback styling for that extra oomph, this is that one piece you’ll never want to hit the gym without. It’s also available in different colours so you can look and feel fab while working out every day.

Multiway bra

Are you someone who loves to experiment with new trends and latest styles, but finds your lingerie restricting your creativity? Then it’s time to up your innerwear game with Jockey Woman’s multiway strapless bra. This piece comes with detachable straps so you can add or remove them based on your outfit of the day. Oh, and if you are worried about the bra slipping down? Well, throw that thought away, as this underwired bra is constructed with an Ultragrip band that keeps your bra in place, no matter what.

Magic Undercup Bra

Looking for something unique and innovative to add to your ever-growing lingerie drawer? Well, then let us introduce you to the best-selling bra from Jockey Woman – The Magic Undercup bra. Engineered to function like an underwire bra, but without the wire, this bra has become a fan favourite amongst women who do not like to compromise on either style or support. Available in stunning colours and minimalistic designs, a magic undercup bra is guaranteed to be every woman’s perfect workmate.

Low-waist Bikini Panties

Seamless, feminine, delicate and stunning, this low-waist bikini underwear is all of that and more. It is crafted from soft touch microfiber Nylon Elastane stretch fabric with delicate lace detailing to give your body the comfort it deserves and tailored to match your style. A timeless piece that helps you avoid any embarrassing visible panty lines, especially in your party fits, this style is perfect for all you girls who love to keep it flawless and fabulous.

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