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Caring for Innerwear with Jockey

Caring for Innerwear with Jockey

Behind every great outfit is the unsung hero – your innerwear. They’ve always got your back- literally and figuratively. So it’s only right that they get the love that they truly deserve. Let's face it-  your daily ally deserves a moment in the spotlight too. Welcome to Caring for Innerwear 101.


The Wash Cycle Dance


First things first, let's talk washing. The frequency of washing mens innerwear depends on personal preferences, activities, and hygiene standards. Generally, it's advisable to wash them after each use to maintain cleanliness.


The Art of Washing Innerwear

Now that you know when to wash your innerwear, let's talk about how you should wash your innerwear. It’s not rocket science, but it needs a bit of love and flair on the side. Here’s the breakdown.


  1. Separate your innerwear first
  2. Use gentle detergent
  3. Opt for a cold wash
  4. Avoid fabric softeners
  5. Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle
  6. Dry out your innerwear in sunlight



Follow the above instructions to give your innerwear a kind, gentle and fabric-preserving wash.


The Golden Rule of Replacement

Hate to break it to you, but even your favourite briefs or trunks has a lifespan. Over time, elastic loses bounce, fabrics wear out, and colours fade. The golden rule? If you notice sagging, holes, or fading that even a magical detergent can't fix, it's time to refresh your drawer.


How much is too much?


Now, let's tackle the age-old question – how many pairs of innerwear does one truly need? The answer lies in your laundry habits and lifestyle. Generally, having a week's worth (7-10) of innerwear should keep your rotation fresh.


Caring for your innerwear may seem like a small feat, but your innerwear will thank you for the love in the long run. Starting the day fresh takes a whole new meaning when the first piece of clothing you put on is fresh, comfortable and breathable.