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Elevate your choice with Tactel fabric and experience brilliance

Elevate your choice with Tactel fabric and experience brilliance

Unlike before, we now live in an era where men expect their underwear to be more than just basic and functional. After all, innerwear needs to be practical and comfortable, but at the same time, it must also be innovative, interesting and even supportive in regulating one’s body shape. So, if you too are looking for something similar, the answer is Jockey! Now, Jockey is a brand that has spent many years studying and understanding the needs of its male customers, to give them outstanding products crafted with superior fabrics. After all, innerwear is also known as the second skin, hence, it is essential to focus on high-quality fabric and work with materials that are both functional and fabulous. In this blog, we’ll learn about one such fabric – Tactel.

What is Tactel?

Tactel is a dynamic, specialty fibre that is responsible for making the garment supplely smooth, better textured and breathable. Products crafted from this fabric are at least twice as soft and 20 percent lighter than most other fabrics. It is also worthy of note that Tactel dries eight times faster than cotton and has proven to be three times stronger than natural fabrics; making it an ideal microfiber to use in innerwear & activewear. Other benefits of this dynamic fabric include –

Delightful feel Sensational appearance Lightweight construction Breathability Quick drying Abrasion resistance Moisture transportation All these traits make Tactel an ideal fabric, which is used in manufacturing Jockey’s comfortable and super smooth intimate apparel for men.

Classic Innerwear for Men

If you are looking for men underwear online for your regular workouts then we’d definitely recommend choosing Tactel fabric as it offers sweat-wicking properties and great stretchability, so you can run, jump and move without any discomfort. Besides having a quick drying superpower, this luxurious fabric offers exceptional comfort, along with a brilliant appearance, even after several washes. Tailored to withstand abrasion from the get-go, this fabric is super easy to care for and feels feather-light on your body too. A prime example are these above-mentioned, high-quality underwear for men that offer a modern look and premium feel. These classic, standard-style underwear from Jockey’s International Collection are designed to offer excellent support and comfort, whilst keeping you at ease all day long. Available in stunning and unique shades, these mens briefs and trunks for men are just the right option for men who won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Fashionable Printed Innerwear for Men

Searching for something beyond solid tones and classic styles? Here’s what you need! Check out these Jockey brief and trunks underwear style that is not only visually appealing but also offers a super snug fitting and smooth touch. Plus, the moisture move treatment in these innerwear keeps you fresh and dry throughout the day. So, if you are looking for innerwear for men that can elevate your wardrobe and your style too, you must definitely check them out! Made from Tactel microfiber elastane stretch fabric, this trunk and Jockey brief from International Collection present a perfect option for those who enjoy a stylish, sleek and sharp look, minus any wrinkles and embarrassing lines. Also available in many unique prints and patterns, this style is a fashionable piece every modern man must have.