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Men, here’s how you can choose underwear according to your body type

Men, here’s how you can choose underwear according to your body type

Men, underwear is your outfit’s foundation. It is a layer closest to your skin that has the potential to set the tone for your entire look. In fact, it is the only clothing item that you would wear for a whole year, almost 24 hours a day – even socks get a break! Therefore, it is important to take more time and pick the right innerwear to enjoy a host of benefits that come along with it.

But, wait. That’s not all. If you want to enjoy the freedom, comfort and support that comes with wearing the right underwear for men, it is crucial you take a little time to better understand your body type. For example, male body type can be classified into three categories: · Ectomorph · Endomorph · Mesomorph

Underwear for men with smaller frame

If you are someone who identifies as an Ectomorph, i.e., someone with a slender and smaller body, then we suggest you try jockey’s trunks for men that are treated with StayFresh antimicrobial properties that suppresses the growth of bacteria and keeps you fresh throughout the day, plus, it is also engineered to prevent ride up.

Jockey trunks are tailored to offer a snug-fit and give the illusion of longer and more enhanced-looking legs. Besides, they offer the right support and can easily be paired with any outfit.

Underwear for men with an athletic build

Jockey’s briefs for men are the ideal choice for those who like to work out regularly and have toned physic as it helps in showing off and accentuating your body. For men who are of the bigger build, briefs will bring attention to your weight and hip size so is not recommendable.

These classic, standard-style underwear are designed to offer excellent support and comfort. And, if you are confusing them with the old-fashioned ‘tighty-whiteys’, let us tell you that mens briefs have come a long way since and are now available in stunning shades and style.

Underwear for men with average build

For men with an average build, both briefs and boxer briefs present an excellent choice. Boxer briefs are a cross between briefs and boxers, so naturally, you get the best of both worlds - support & freedom. This style is quite versatile and can be paired with various outfits of your choice.

Underwear for men with larger frame

For men who identify themselves as Endomorphs, boxer shorts are a great underwear choice; especially for leisure. Boxer shorts were used by boxers and these atheletes have bigger thighs and legs than an average person and thus boxer shorts is not for any man who has a thin frame.

These boxer shorts offer breathability and freedom of movement due to a relaxed or tailored fit and work perfectly well under loose-fitting pants.