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New mommies – here is a perfect bra designed just for you!

New mommies – here is a perfect bra designed just for you!

If you are an expecting mom or nursing mother, you would be looking for a bra for your blissful new life as a baby mama? A bra that gives you the best comfort and functionality. Jockey’s Nursing bra is exactly what you need.

Unlike regular bras, nursing bras are designed for motherhood. Such bras have the capacity to accommodate changes that occur in your breasts during pregnancy, whilst ensuring you stay comfortable and at ease.

So, if you are someone who’s on the fence, or totally unsure of buying a nursing bra, we’ve listed a few benefits that may help you make a decision:


During and after your pregnancy, it is important to wear a bra that agrees with the changes in your body by giving it extra room to grow and offer support, while being breathable and soft. This is why it is also important to check the fabric while purchasing. Select a bra that is made from super combed Cotton Elastane stretch fabric to avoid chaffing and irritation. You are wearing a nursing bra throughout the day while you eat, sleep, nurse and repeat therefore comfort is key while choosing to buy a nursing bra.


Pregnant and nursing women will observe a noticeable difference in their breasts size. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a bra that adjusts with your changes, without restricting your movements. While nursing, you would want to hold your baby and undo the bras with a single hand, which is why, the new front open panel wire-free bra gives convenient access to feed your baby and provide you flexibility throughout your nursing period. It has been thoughtfully constructed where the inner layer holds your bust in place at the time of feeding.

The non-padded bras' broad back wings and broad hook and eye provide new mothers with excellent back support as well. This is a whole lot of relief for nursing moms!


In all honesty, it is not easy to acquaint yourself instantly with all the changes happening in your body. Hence, it is best to start making progress slowly. Expecting mothers in their second or third trimester of pregnancy should try on a few nursing bras to get familiar with the product and then pick the one that gives them the best results. This is the time when your breasts are going to look fuller and coverage plays a crucial role in making you feel comfortable. A full coverage nursing bra will give you full support and coverage, plus, it is light and comfortable enough to let you get some good night sleep too.


When you purchase a nursing bra, remember that not only should it feel amazing on your skin, but also fit snugly. The band should be low, and it should sit evenly under your breasts. Sit down while putting on your new bra, then stand up, lie down, and bend over to see how much support you receive. If it’s the right fit, it should feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Pro tip: The best time to invest in nursing bras is before you deliver. So, you must try to wait until you’re around eight months pregnant. By this time you would have gained most of your baby weight & undergone major physical changes. So, your current size will be fairly close to the size you’ll be eight weeks postpartum, making your investment worthwhile.


Motherhood is a journey that challenges as well as changes you. So, while it is important to pick a bra that offers the right fit, comfort and support, it is equally important to select a bra that gives you the confidence you need. There are many designs and colors to choose from, so don’t restrict yourself by picking the ones that don’t interest you.

Shopping for nursing bras can get quite overwhelming. However, it is important to arm yourself with the right knowledge and information. Once you understand which bra, style and brand work best for you (not your sister, friend or mother), you’ll find yourself in a more confident and empowered space.

After all, it’s YOUR journey and only you know what’s right for your body and your baby.