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The importance of sports bras: Are you wearing the right one?

The importance of sports bras: Are you wearing the right one?

In recent times, people around the world have finally begun to prioritize their physical and mental health. You may notice celebrities, social media influencers and many others talking about their fitness journey and even sharing about their mental health issues and how certain things can help you find your inner peace. For example, from improving your immunity to managing symptoms of anxiety and depression, health care experts have continually advised individuals to engage in physical activity once or twice daily by either exercising in their homes or outdoors.

This has positively inspired more women to take the leap and start their own fitness journey. However, there’s one thing missing – recognizing the importance of wearing the right bra! A sports bra plays a crucial role in supporting your breasts. Physical exercise of any intensity tends to greatly impact the movement of your breasts.

These continuous and repetitive movements can further result in soreness, sagging and even pain. And do not be fooled by the size of your breast. Everyone experiences bouncing during workouts; hence, it is best to shop for sports bra online or from a physical store before you head out for your next workout session.

Once you understand the importance of a sports bra, the next step would be to learn about the fitting. Why? Well, simply because a sports bra for girls does not follow the same rule book as a regular everyday bra or t-shirt bra.

Here are a few things to note, when buying a ladies sports bra –

1. Your sports bra should fit well, both in the band and cups. It should ideally feel tighter than your regular bra but at the same time give you enough space to breathe freely and comfortably. Once you put it on, give yourself a few minutes and then decide if it feels right or not.

2. The band of your sports bra for gym should fit snugly and comfortably. The best trick to know for sure is to raise your hands above your head. If the band moves up, try a smaller band. If the sports bra has straps, try to adjust it, so it stays put when you move.

3. A common mistake that many women make when buying a sports bra is not understanding the difference between well-fitting and ill-fitting. Your sports bra should fit your body well and not show any bulges. If you are wearing the wrong size, you’ll notice bulging at the top of your underarm. Furthermore, if you see wrinkles or gaps in the cup, try a smaller size.

4. Another very important thing to learn about the best sports bra is that it should give you the freedom to move, run, breathe and just be yourself without causing any kind of discomfort. This includes, chafing or rubbing around the armholes, seams, hooks, band or anything else. Also make sure that the straps aren’t digging into your shoulders.

5. When shopping for sports bra online, look for bras that use high-tech fabrics, including moisture-wicking technology. This will keep you fresh and dry throughout your workout and reduce any chances of developing rashes or infections. You can check out the Jockey sports bra online that offers products treated with StayDry & StayFresh treatments. This helps you feel comfortable and confident for long hours.

6. Lastly, before selecting a sports bra, fall back on an old-school trick and jump around a little to see if the bra is supportive enough. If not, keep looking.

If you are someone who doesn’t exercise regularly and feel like a sports bra is another investment added to your already long and overdue monthly bill, here’s what you must know – a good sports bra not only helps you in your fitness journey but also makes your chest muscles strong, improve posture, reduces bounce, even when you are grocery shopping, and looks fantastic on every body type.

Plus, if you want to add that extra oomph to your outfit, you have plenty of styles to choose from, such as racerback bras that not only offer phenomenal support but look super stylish too. All in all, it’s worth every penny, gals