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Tips for choosing the best thermal wear to keep yourself warm!

Tips for choosing the best thermal wear to keep yourself warm!

Does anyone else sense a nip in the air? A gentle breeze in the afternoons coaxing you to sit for just a little longer in the balcony with a cup of hot coffee and a book?

Do you notice the sun setting softly behind the dark evening skies, leaving a riot of colours you can’t help but take a snap and add to your IG stories? This is nature’s way of welcoming winter, slowly and softly into our lives.

And while Mother Earth prepares herself to embrace the upcoming season, have you started your preparations too? If you truly want to enjoy the beauty of this season, you should start shopping for the best thermal wear for you & your family.

Thermal clothing for men & Women has been lauded as one of the best forms of winter wear for anyone who likes to enjoy the outdoors. However, there are a few things you must consider before adding them to your cart, such as –


Like in any other clothing, the first and the most important thing to check is fabric. If it’s tailored from material that’s too prickly you may end up with severe rashes. Go for a fabric that does not irritate your skin like a super fine & extra soft Acrylic Microfiber blend with polyester that offers a super soft hand-feel and keeps you warm and comfy too.

Moreover, the combination of multiple fabrics provides good heat retention and insulation, so you can step out to enjoy the chill, while the temperature drops down to nil.


Shop for thermals that fit snugly on your body. It should feel like a second skin, however, this does not mean that it should constrict your movements or that it should be too tight. A very tight thermal will create heat pockets instead of distributing that body heat across your skin, which will make it very less effective. You can also check for side vents that are constructed for comfort and unrestricted movement.

Moreover, thermals are often worn inside our outerwear such as jackets, tees,pants, etc. Hence, it is important to have the right fitting in order to avoid looking bulky.


While a lot of people follow the rules and check the fitting and fabric of thermals before buying them, they often ignore looking out for the seams. This is extremely important because thermals sit very close to our skin, therefore, any rough or heavy seam tailored inside may cause irritation and abrasion.

So, always make sure to go with the thermals for women & men that come with blind reinforced seams or no seams at all.


Even though it’s bitterly cold outside, you do not have to throw your sense of fashion out the window. Just make sure to get your base layer right with the perfect thermals. Once you have that sorted, you can layer it up with any outfit of your choice. Besides, thermals are so versatile, you can dress them up or down and still look and feel great.

Winter brings a bag full of festivities and celebrations with it, and you should be able to enjoy every one of them with your loved ones, without fretting about the temperature.

Enjoy your cool winter while feeling warm!