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Top 5 padded non-wired bras from Jockey Woman

Top 5 padded non-wired bras from Jockey Woman

Non-wired bras, also known as soft cup bras, ruled the lingerie industry a few years ago, until their popularity was significantly compromised by the rise of the underwired bras. Underwired bras were designed and largely promoted to highlight their special features – extra support, better shape, enhanced lift and more attractive & fashionable look. This brought a huge shift in the industry with more women jumping on the bandwagon, leaving very few loyal consumers behind who still opted for the non-wired bras.

But as is usually the case with fashion, non-wired bras are back in huge demand again. The main reason being comfort.

What is a Non-Wired Bra?

Also known as wire-free or wireless bra, a non-wired bra does not have any underwire, made from metal or plastic, sewed in the cups for support. Here, the under-band, cups and wide straps do all the lifting. Plus, these bras do not have a defined structure, making them more comfortable and easier to wear.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best padded non-wired bras available on Jockey Woman.

Seamless Wire-free Padded T-Shirt Bra with Detachable Straps

This is a hot selling padded non-wired bra designed by Jockey Woman. It is a soft and seamless t-shirt bra that’s made of super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric, which offers genuine comfort, support and fit.

The padded cups give a smooth look under any outfit and the detachable straps let you experiment with your style. Also available in other stunning colors, this lounge-worthy bra is perfect to help you transition from a lazy Sunday to a crazy Monday.

Medium Coverage Wire-free Padded T-Shirt Bra with Adjustable Straps

This is a popular Jockey Woman bra that enjoys a huge base. And with a design a like that, who wouldn’t want it, right? Adorned with delicate lace detailing on the seamless cups that sit proudly on the neckline, this bra is definitely a looker. Comfortable and trendy, it can be teamed perfectly with casual or professional outfits.

Slip-on Sleep Bra

Craving for that uninterrupted eight hours of continuous sleep? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! With Jockey Woman’s sleep bra, you are guaranteed to not only get a good night sleep but also the right support and comfort you deserve.

Engineered with ultrasoft fabric and a durable underband this bra offers maximum comfort and feels amazing on the skin. It also looks great and can be easily paired with a casual tee. Safe to say, it’s a perfect bra you can take to bed.

Non-Wired T-Shirt Bra with Multiway Styling

Looking for a timeless soft bra with delicate lace detailing that will never go out of style? Here it is! Add this to your lingerie wardrobe without any hesitation as it checks all the boxes you may have for your ideal bra. Plus, it is a size-inclusive bra that is available in many beautiful colors and offers the right lift and support, so you can pair it with your deep-cut blouses to get that glam look. What more could one ask for, right?

Magic Under Cup Bra

If you are someone who loves the lift of an underwire bra & enjoy the comfort of a non-wired bra, this one’s for you. Jockey Woman’s Magic Undercup bra is constructed with technology and fabric that comes together to give you the best of both worlds.

It gives you the support of an underwire bra, without the wire. Tailored with micro touch nylon elastane stretch fabric and smooth adjustable straps that can be styled in multiple ways, this bra is the showstopper you have been looking for.

Easy Breezy Lounge Bra

We did say top five, but here’s another bra we MUST add to the list. This absolutely divine and comfy Lounge Bra from Jockey Woman that became a hit during the lockdown for its excellent features. Made from super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric this bra is an absolute game-changer for women looking for wireless support.

Moreover, it’s lightweight and comes with smooth adjustable straps that lets you experience the ‘unhooked’ feeling like never before. Enjoy the comfort and freedom that comes with it through the day; especially if you are chilling at home or working from home.

If you haven’t tried a wire-free bra in a long time, do consider the above-mentioned bras on your next purchase. After all, trends may come and fashion may change, but when it comes to taking care of your body, comfort, support and a dash of style should always be priority.