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Uncover the secret of traveling in style and comfort

Uncover the secret of traveling in style and comfort

Sweatshirts and Joggers: A cosy co-ord set that has been dominating the travel and street-style scene for a while now, and is guaranteed to stick around.

From celebrities to famous IG influencers, everyone is already ditching the idea of dressing up in uncomfortable skirts, jeans and dresses for the airport and choosing the comfy route. After all, when your outfit is so functional and comfortable to even nap in, who wouldn’t want to switch lanes, right? Plus, you can also layer this comfy co-ord set with a big coat, your go-to boots or sneakers, and look absolutely… AMAZING!

So, without further ado, let’s check out some great sweatshirts and joggers for men and women that are worth every buck –

Solid Color Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are THE most trendy, cosy and versatile pieces that can be styled throughout the year, so it’s definitely worth your money. But, mostly they are perfect for the winter season, as well as when you are travelling, as they are easy to style, cosy enough to sleep in and thick enough to keep you warm, even when it’s freezing at the airport. Available in many styles, colors and designs, sweatshirts for men and women look great on everybody and are a must-have item to pack when you travel. You can check out some amazing sweatshirts option from Jockey that are crafted with high-quality fabric such as Fleece and French Terry, and tailored in unique style, such as high-low styling, to give you and your body the comfort you deserve.

Printed Sweatshirts

Printed sweatshirts can easily add a little extra oomph to your outfit. So, if you are someone who doesn’t always enjoy a neutral or monochromatic look, this style is definitely for you. From floral printed sweatshirts for women to classic styles for men, Jockey has some amazing printed sweatshirts for women and men that are snuggly, stylish and super kind to your skin too.


Want to impress your IG audience with your fashion choices this season? Ditch your jeans and go for Jockey joggers for men and women. Crafted from high-quality fabric to give you incredible comfort and tailored to offer perfect fitting to lounge, workout or hangout, Jockey joggers are making big waves this season.

You can style it with a perfect hoodie or sweatshirt to ace the new and improved travel outfit of the year style that’s not only super stylish but also much more comfortable, chic & in vogue. You can also give your fashion a more polished look by simply pairing it with stylish sneakers or boots and you’ll be ready to explore, experience and enjoy your holiday destination.

Now make your travel extra comfy and safe by choosing Jockey joggers for women and men, featuring zipper pockets. Those of us who like storing our earphones, phones and boarding pass in our pockets, but always tend to lose them in the chaos will really love and appreciate this handy feature for sure.

So, this season, say goodbye to old styles and hello to the world of sweet comfort with Jockey’s sweatshirts and joggers that cannot wait to make your onboarding, off-boarding, layovers and more extra comfy!