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What To Wear & How: Bra-Edition

What To Wear & How: Bra-Edition

Every bra is different! Which one to choose? A woman needs different bras for different needs. We are here with a styling guide to help you learn about various bras and the different fits in a quick and easy way. We will help you pick a bra that is right for you and equip you with details on how to pair it perfectly!

Everyday Bra

An everyday bra has to be a combination of comfort, support and style. A perfect everyday bra is difficult to find, it is either too uncomfortable or too boring! Jockey Woman offers the perfect everyday bra which is just as perfect for working from home as it is to stepping out for a quick errand. These are designed with soft fabrics in your favourite colours and prints, keeping you at ease all day. Styling tip: You can style these everyday bras with easy breezy tanks or even casual dresses to best match your every mood!

T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bras fit perfectly with most outfits with their invisible cups and seamless design. Jockey Woman uses super combed cotton fabric, providing quality like no other! It’s crafted in a way to provide you with the utmost comfort with soft adjustable straps that don’t dig into your skin. There are different types of T-shirt Bras for women including wired, non-wired, padded and non-padded. It’s a bra you wouldn’t want to unhook. Styling tip: Pair the T-shirt Bra with your favourite polo and denim jacket for a perfectly smooth silhouette!

Active Bra

Workouts are always better with the right kind of support. Our active bras are created to provide maximum support and flexibility to help alleviate discomfort. A reliable sports bra is made with smart fabric to ensure a perfect fit. At Jockey Woman, we offer a wide range of sports bras for all your different intensity workouts. These bras also feature the StayFresh and StayDry technology to make your workout experience better. These bras will give you the support to achieve all your fitness goals!Styling tip: You can amp up your style game by pairing these active bras with shorts or leggings along with an active T-shirt.

Strapless Bra

Worried about your strapless bra slipping? Ditch your worries with Jockey Woman strapless bras, that are designed with Gecko technology, keeping the bras stuck like Gecko Feet! It gives you the confidence to carry versatile outfits. Our perfect strapless bra empowers you be the diva that you truly are! Styling tip: Pair the multiway strapless bra with an off-shoulder jumpsuit, cold-shoulder top or a tube dress.

Magic Under Cup Bra

A bra that enhances your curves and gives you the support of an under-wire bra without a wire! Sounds like God sent? It is Jockey Woman sent! Magic Under Cup Bra is lightweight and feels soft on the skin. It comes with adjustable straps that don’t dig into your skin. It comes with a multi-styling option and holds up well on long workdays! Styling tip: It can be styled with form-fitted shirts, giving you an impeccable look no matter what the occasion.

Sleep Bra

Our sleep bras made with superior quality fabric give you feather-like softness for a good night’s sleep. Its seamless cups and removable padding makes it great to laze around in. Jockey makes sure to provide optimum support while you catch up on your beauty sleep. You no longer need to be hooked to an uncomfortable bra with this slip-on sleep bra. Styling tip: Pair it up with your favourite shorts or night dress to keep you feel cosy throughout the night.

Lounge Bra

Lounge bras promise a fuss-free feel throughout the day. Without wires, it gives you unrestricted movement and lets you enjoy a chilled-out day! Jockey Woman crafts these bras with lightweight and breathable fabric that feel like second skin.

Styling tip: Wear them underneath a comfortable t-shirt and pair them up with shorts to create your go-to summer look!

We hope that you've now got a better understanding about how to perfectly pair your bras with your outfits. Whether it's style you're seeking or comfort, Jockey Woman has a bra for you.