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5 benefits of wearing the right workout gear

5 benefits of wearing the right workout gear

With the summer at its peak, it can get increasingly difficult to stick to your regular fitness routine. However, the season should also not be an excuse to let go of your goals.

After all, exercise not only helps you feel better in your body but also improves your mood and decreases feelings of stress and anxiety. Then, what is the solution?

Answer: Activewear.

Activewear can play a significant role in your performance. Apart from making you feel good & confident while you work out, there are other benefits attached to it as well. And, while some may argue that an old pair of shorts and, a t-shirt can just as easily do the job, this may not be the best ensemble for the activity.

Here are a few reasons why.


Jockey’s Move collection offers a myriad of styles for both men and women that are designed to prevent skin irritation or chafing and allow freedom of movement. The brand has a stunning collection of tank tops for men and tank tops for women. They fit like a glove and allow unrestricted movement. Moreover, Jockey uses a superior blending of high-quality fabrics for workout clothes to ensure you feel comfortable the entire time you are working out.

On the other hand, most regular clothes fail to deliver the right comfort, stretch and freedom required for any type of workout. Neither the fabric nor the design, in such clothing, are meant for extensive physical activities, thereby, failing to perform.


Apparels in the Move collection are treated with StayDry technology, with additional evaporation properties to keep you dry throughout the day. Another advantage of this technology is that it allows you to stay cooler in the heat of summer and warmer during winter.

Whereas, a regular cotton mens t-shirt or cotton t-shirts for women will absorb sweat easily and retain moisture, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, wet and heavy.


Another amazing feature in Jockey’s Move collection is their StayFresh technology, where the products are treated with antimicrobial properties to help you stay fresh throughout the day. So, now you can indulge in your favourite exercise activity without worrying about smelly clothes.

The same cannot be said about your regular cotton wear. As cotton may seem breathable, but it will most definitely start to get heavy and clingy once you start working out.


There is no denying the fact that activewear clothing is designed with an intent to help individuals feel supported, while they indulge in high-impact exercise; especially women. Hence, the Move collection offers sports bra for gym that supports your chest and prevent back pains. Available in a variety of styles, these active bras are ideal for women who do not like to compromise on support, comfort and style.

We hate to break it to you ladies, but a ladies t-shirt bra or even the best bra for everyday wear will not deliver the right comfort and support you need, while working out. Instead, it may cause more pain and discomfort. Whereas, if you invest in an active bra that is crafted with super combed cotton elastane stretch fabric, and ultra-soft and durable bands, you’ll notice minimal movement of your breasts and maximal support. So, you can indulge in any high or low intensity workout without worrying about your health. Remember, a good sports bra, with the right fit, can cut movements in half, and give you the freedom to achieve your fitness goals without any restrictions.


When you wear the right set of clothes, such as activewear for your workouts, you’ll notice a great difference in your performance and attitude. This is simply because activewear gives you a chance to be more flexible and freer, so you can push yourself beyond your limits and achieve all your fitness goals, while looking absolutely stylish.

Couldn’t get that asana right or had a hard time getting in the right posture at your Pilates session? Sometimes, it’s not you. It’s just your clothes. Too loose or too tight clothes will hinder your performance and sometimes even cause injury.

So, there you have it! All the reasons why it’s time to ditch your regular clothes and switch to Jockey’s Move collection that will not only help you reach your fitness goals but also boost your confidence for an awesome workout, no matter the season.