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Plus Size Bra Shopping Guide

Plus Size Bra Shopping Guide

Ladies, how many days do you come home waiting to unhook your bra and breathe easy once again? If your answer is almost every day! Let us tell you the truth - you’re wearing the wrong size!

Your bra, including a plus size bra, should always fit correctly and never cause any discomfort. If this is news to you, wait a little until we reveal all the secrets of shopping for the right plus size bra so you can find bras that’ll help you feel more confident, comfortable and supported.

Let’s go –

Know your size & style

This is the most important step, so do not skip this. Even if you think you know your size already, it is best to measure bra size before you shop for a new ladies bra. This is because our body is constantly changing and growing, hence, it is always recommended to check your size, especially if it has been more than six months, before you shop for a new plus size bra online. Plus, try to not get distracted by new designs that you are unsure of, unless you want to experiment with a few new and trendy style options that you believe may look great on you.

Use the right tools

Bra measurement guide

All you need is a soft measuring tape and a mirror to find your right dimensions. The math is pretty simple - subtract your under-boob ribcage circumference from the circumference of your breasts at their fullest point. Now the number you’re left with correlates to your alphabetical cup size. If that’s confusing, here are two images to help you understand better -

Always check the size chart

Bra size chart

It is important to understand that while most innerwear brands try to cater to industry-specific sizes, yet, the sizes of ladies bra can have variations from brand to brand, & even from one style to another. Therefore, it is best to always check the size chart offered by the brand, on their website, before making your purchase.

Read the product description

Bra chart

If you are shopping online, remember that most products look very different in real life. Hence, in order to foolproof your purchase, read the product description. Here you’ll get all the information about the fabric, design, colour, technology and other important details that will prove to be very helpful; mostly, if the brand follows a ‘no-exchange’ policy. Given below is an example to help you understand better.

However, if you are shopping at a store, read the tag, try the bra on and see if you like the fabric feels good on your skin. If it irritates your skin, no matter how great the bra looks, it’s better to steer off.

Size a new bra on the loosest hook

Bra Chart

Remember, every bra stretches over time. So, if you start by wearing it on the loosest hook, you’ll have room to tighten and adjust as it stretches, keeping it as supportive through the last hook as it was on its first wear. So, the next time you go for bra shopping, remember these tips. It will help you find a plus size bra that ‘Knows You’ and gives you the support and comfort you deserve all day long.

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