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Accessorizing 101: Handkerchiefs and Caps from Jockey

Accessorizing 101: Handkerchiefs and Caps from Jockey

With the world leaning towards neutral tones and minimalistic style, which has an unending appeal and charisma, accessories have suddenly taken the centre stage again. However, you must know that besides adding a touch of glam to your outfit, accessories can also serve practical functions. Let’s take for example, handkerchiefs and caps. Besides playing a pivotal role in adding a pop of colour to your otherwise monochromatic outfits, these popular pieces also have the potential to add new energy to the old standbys in your wardrobe.

So, in this blog, we’ll uncover all the secret ways you can take your glam quotient up a notch by adding these accessories to your repertoire:


Years ago, carrying a small piece of cloth – the handkerchief, was considered by some as being elite. Soon enough, these functional and practical pieces established themselves as a key fashion accessory for the gentleman who represents confidence and a stylish appearance.

Now years later, cotton handkerchiefs are still used by many as bandanas, pocket squares, or even as neck scarf. White hanky, especially, presents a classic approach to be used in various ways, but mostly on your blazer, it can never go wrong.

Among handkerchiefs, you will also find a wide variety of prints, stripes, and smooth. But before adding them to your wardrobe, ensure to check for quality. Make sure to purchase those that are crafted from super combed cotton, and treated with StayFresh technology, so you can use these multipurpose accessories all day long.


Caps are the perfect accessory to add to your outfits, especially if you are having one of those ‘bad hair days.’ Practical and functional, these caps have become trendy again, all thanks to the rise of athleisure wear, and have been spotted quite often being donned by celebrities and influencers. This is primarily because this sportswear staple, when styled correctly, can instantly take your OOTD up a notch. And the best part is that your cap doesn’t need to be fancy or glamorous. Just pick a high-quality product in a colour you can team with any of your outfits, throw some shades on and you’re good to go.

When you choose the right accessories to style your outfit, you will notice a huge difference in the complete look of your OOTD. Hence, make sure to pay more attention to the quality and fabric of your essentials. After all, they can make or break your look.