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Embrace winter in fabrics that feel like a warm hug

Embrace winter in fabrics that feel like a warm hug

Don’t we all just love the winter months when the weather is just perfect and we can find an excuse to layer up with the warmest fabrics and keep things comfy? From cosy sweaters to toasty scarves, and cute socks, you can experiment with fashion every day without worrying about breaking a sweat.

Although, this season, before you bundle up in your favourite fits, take a moment to learn more about fabrics and the ones that will keep you feeling warm and comfortable, no matter where you go or what you do.

So, let’s get right into it -


Cotton is a miracle fabric that can be spun to create an easy breezy outfit, ideal for summer or thick enough to keep you warm in winter. Plus, cotton is so soft and comfortable that it’s easily the most loved fabric; especially by those who have sensitive skin and are more prone to developing rashes.

It is also a very durable, soft and breathable fabric. You must also know that there are superior types of cotton available in the market too, such as Supima cotton and French Terry cotton, so make sure you get something that works best for you.


In recent years, Microfiber has become a popular choice of fabric as it mimics cashmere wool, which means it’s extremely soft to the touch and keeps you quite warm. Moreover, this fabric provides good heat retention and insulation, so you can step out to enjoy the chill, while the temperature drops down to nil.

This material is also wrinkle-free, easy to wash, and holds its shape very well, so you can enjoy wearing them without worrying about stretching them out.


This is a perfect type of fabric to sport, especially when winter is just setting in. Polyester is great at holding in your natural body heat, as the fabric is crafted by tightly weaving the treads together to keep the weather out, while allowing air and moisture to pass through.

Combining different types of polyesters assists in keeping the outside temperatures out and the warmth your body emits in. Polyester is also great in the snow as the tightly woven fabric is highly water-resistant.


Fleece is synonymous with winter time. It is an infinitely comfortable and relatively lightweight fabric, that is often used in casual, everyday coats, sweatshirts, and jackets to keep you warm on the go. Along with that, fleece is an excellent moisture deflector, and is known to dry quite quickly. Since fleece is actually made from polyester, it also effectively wicks sweat, in addition to being lightweight and breathable.

Even though it can get bitterly cold some days, you do not have to throw your sense of fashion out the window. Just make sure to wear the right clothes crafted from the right fabric and you’ll be surprised to find out just how amazing this beautiful season is.